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Go Play With Yourself: #0

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The Announcening…

Ladies and gentlemen of internet,

I come before the masses today to discuss with you: the future! And why not, really? For if we’re not talking about the past or directly flailing, about the right now, we would be undoubtedly discussing the future anyway.



Alright, already!

Anyway, let me ask you all a question, mm?

How many of you PC gamers out there have browsed the newly released titles on Steam?

Many I imagine.. many indeed. And again, why not? There are a slew of new titles released almost constantly. Surely you’d find naught but solid content to entertain even the most captious of us, right?


We’ll find out.. won’t we?

In what manner? I’m glad I asked.

The League and I have planned a well-documented albeit poorly-funded expedition into Steam’s vast catalogue. The purpose of our mission? To locate and showcase the very worst Steam has to offer.

Furthermore, due to the overwhelmingly single-player nature of many of these titles, we (and by we, I mean I) have decided to call this new series: “Go Play With Yourself

Early 2019 is when you should be expecting our first voyage into the murky depths of what I’ve come to call a “Valve sanctioned, shit-shovlin’ shindig!”.

Yee haw.

Until then–

We’re Adjourned~

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