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Go Play With Yourself – 1:

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

That’s what it’s called. I promise.

Greetings and salutations Leaguelettes.

begin reveling. I command it.

For it is I– The Chairman!

Ahh, my adoring fans… (Seizure warning..)

Yes, yes. Welcome indeed– to both 2019 and the convoy of fresh content that comes along with it.

That’s right kiddies, biddies and those without tiddies– it’s time for a long-promised series to breach-birth its way to your front doors… Gross–

Go Play With Yourself! Where I take a gander at a long list of titles, primarily on the Steam platform– which also happen to primarily be of the single-player genre… And do what with them, you might ask?

Dissect them, mercilessly of course.

Shall we begin?

Our first episode-iteration takes us to the world of Hardland which happens to be our titular landscape.

Developer Mountain Sheep has had the title in early access on Steam for about four years now, with no end in sight… Which is a potential shame, honestly.

Let’s get into what this game had, in promise–

Tossn’ Tommy

The game puts you in control of a rather innocuous looking woodsman-ey manly man. Our nameless hero is free to explore the world of Hardland at his…err– your leisure..

On the surface, it appears to play as any open world A-RPG would. You explore, battle monsters– grab gear and repeat the process across the entire landscape. The problem lies in the stunning lack of life beneath the beautifully fleshy surface..

One would think that four years of early access would have brought this title out of the muckery and into a more stable spot-light but, nay…

Instead– lovingly rendered stop-motion esque action figures galavanting every which way– going about their own lives which is interesting enough; but with little to no interaction to be had.

At the time I had played it mind you– I was running a bit of an older machine to my extreme displeasure. Turns out claymation takes a lot more effort to render than one would think!

Who am I kidding, thats friggen gorgeous..

But alas, visual appeal takes a back seat in my book..

Now then– I should be honest.

My current opinion of this title is reflective only of an older build of the game. Perhaps it has gotten the breath of fresh air it so heartily deserves… But based on current user ratings– I would say not..


But as always, don’t take my word for it…

Give a try yourself.. Or– Don’t!

Join us next time where we’ll take a look at another Steam flop– poke fun at it, and then suggest someone waste their time/money on being as disappointed as I was!

Also– if you DO end up trying Hardland or already have and think I ought’a give it another shot, let me know in the comments.


We’re adjourned~

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