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Go Play With Yourself: For Honor

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

We’ve got some honorable discharge for you… The Chairman

Good morning, my delicious, little Leaguelettes.

It is I– Chairbot v1.4, now with that new car smell.

It’s been a spell or two since you’ve all last heard from me. Unlike the last few times however, I shan’t be blaming hard work and dedication to the cause, for my absence.

Instead– I’ll just be delving into the meat and potatoes of this article in an attempt to distract and amuse you into forgetting anything even happened.

It looks almost too good to be true!

And it was.

What was? Did you not even read the headline? Heathen…

Anywho– four or five years ago, the HBCL’s good friend KizzleD stumbled across what he assumed would be a title, right up the Chairman’s alley.

Yes– we’re referring to ourselves in the third person now. A glitch in the new 1.4 update.. Moving along–

Kizzle‘s assumption was correct, needless to say. And why wouldn’t it be?

The trailer showed to me, depicted massive scale battles in a setting where East, West and hell– even the North met on a fictitious field of valor in an attempt to wrest victory and glory with it; from the hands of their enemies!!

MY GOD I get goose bumps just thinking about it.. Where’s my sword?!

Ah– buried in that guys chest. Gotcha.

The problem here, lies in the final delivery of aforementioned awesome.

For Honor simply– and following an all too common thread; just did not live up to what was expected of it. The dreaded hype if you will.

The large scale battles that were promised, boiled down to nothing more than Counter-Strike with swords. Your troops are naught more than fodder in the vein of Dynasty Warriors. Absolutely useless…

The true bulk of the game comes to duels between officers. Which you may assume would be epic in and of themselves but… while fun at first, grows quickly stale..

The game tries to keep things interesting by way of a ‘Campaign’ in which all the available sides vye for territory but there are little to no incentives for participating in such nonsense. No lasting impact.. certainly no story worth mentioning which may help inspire some to a ‘greater good’…

Nothing to fight for.

Needless to say, in the end– The Chai… ahem.

I was left wanting. Desperately.. I hungered for something to fill the gap in my heart that only visceral, bloody combat could fill.

TaleWorlds Entertainment’s Mount & Blade had did a half decent job for quite some time.. But there was still something.. missing.


There is a fabled Mount & Blade II coming to a PC near you but.. when is another matter altogether. And lord knows I’m no paragon of patience..

And so I turned to the new kid on the block, so to speak.

This should fill all my holes nicely… Wait..

Being developed by the fine people over at Booming Games , Conquerors Blade delivers where all of the aforementioned titles have failed me.

Now– upon further investigation; I’m sure you’ll notice the publisher of this title is My.com which will immediately raise a few eyebrows, if not red-flags altogether..

I’ll admit– I was worried too. My isn’t terribly known for reliability nor is their customer service legendary by any right. But I say give the game a chance if you’re seeking a similar experience as myself.

Currently however– the game is in-between beta states, but you can buy into the next and all future tests (as I have) by grabbing it on STEAM or directly from My.com.

I warn you though– the North American server was a nightmare last time… I’d recommend going with the European servers despite your specific locations.

In the end– I searched long and hard

seeking only the finest in brutal, moderately historically accurate warfare of olde.

And boy howdy was I let down by For Honor. Perhaps some of you shared a fate similar to my own. And perhaps further– most of you have no idea what I’m going on about.

Either way, I hope you gleaned some useful bits of information here, be it in the form of a gaming recommendation, or fuel for your psychology thesis.

You’re welcome.

We’re adjourned~

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