Half-Baked Conspiracies – 1

Gotta coma all~

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first of hopefully many group effort articles from the HBCL. This is a Half-Baked Conspiracy!

With these articles, our crack(pot) team of conspiracy theorists will be trying to tackle some of the craziest out there.

Our first theory that we will go at is the Pokemon: Ash is in a coma theory! For those that don’t know the theory, here is the conspiracy:

In the first episode, 10 year old Ash Ketchum gets stuck with a reluctant Pikachu as his starting Pokemon. They don’t see eye to eye you see, until they are attacked by a bunch of wild Spearow.

Ash uses his body to shield Pikachu from the Spearow, which gains Pikachu’s trust. Pikachu uses his Thunder attack taking care of the Spearow and hitting Ash in the process as well. The theory goes, that attack put Ash in a coma, and the past 20+ years of episodes has been nothing but Ash having coma dreams, since he is currently laying in a hospital bed.

Now it’s time to hear from the HBCL staff to see whether or not they believe this to be plausible;

Here’s The Chairman’s take:

“So– this could go either way really… Scientifically, and canonically speaking– a Pikachu could generate voltage up to and including 100,000 volts. However; it’s amperage that does damage, and we’re never made aware of exactly how powerful a bolt slung from a radiant-rodent would be.

HOWEVER, with that said; after watching the series back some, here and there– the fact that Ash has, on countless times endured other such shocks (though perhaps not as powerful..) it stands to reason that he may have some sort of natural resistance to electricity..

So– is he having the fever dream to end all fever dreams..? I’m going with no– only because that would be extremely depressing.

I say it’s more likely that he’s awake and well aware of the fact that Professor Oak is boning his Mrs. Ketchum while her son galavants across Kanto and beyond~”

And Dreamznvodka:

 “Let me begin with I’m not a fan of theories and this one of the biggest ones that I find ridiculously, ash’s coma theory he was suppose to have been hit while battling with Pikachu and he gets hit with the cross fire. In my opinion it’s highly possible that he was hit in cross fire during a battle but in my professional opinion that doesn’t stop aging. He’s asleep yes but he will still get older I don’t agree with this period I feel like it’s silly thing again this is just my opinion.”

And finally, Captain Pain’s theory:

“Hey guys, so first thing first, I don’t know shit about comas, and how they work. By stating this, I’m just going to assume that a comma dream works about the same. Therefore, if Ash is in a coma, then he sucks at dreaming.

Most people dream about being a rockstar or famous actor. Some dream about trowing that game winning touchdown, or hitting that buzzer beating shot. Some even dream about hooking up with the hot guy/girl in high school. Ash seems to not dream of anything like this. Yes, he wants to be the best trainer ever, but he spends most of his time seeing, but not catching rare Pokemon, loosing in tournaments, and let’s not forget having his Pokemon not listen to him. This seems more like trying to get through the struggles in life, and not some dream. Then again, it’s just my opinion, and I could be wrong.”

Do you agree with any of us? Do you disagree with all of us? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, if you have a conspiracy that you want us to tackle? Hit us up on Twitter, @TheHBCL and use the #halfbaked hashtag!

Until next time everyone!

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