Half-Baked Conspiracies 8: Revenant Rich

Good morning all of you HBCL Supporters. It is time one again for another edition of Half Baked Conspiracy. For those of you not fimilar with this series, this is where our HBCL staff takes on a cartoon conspiracy, and see if we think if they are real or not. You ever watch or read the old Richie Rich and Casper The Friendly Ghost cartoons and comics? Don’t Richie and Casper look similar? Do you think they are the same person? Well many think they are. Here is the theory!

The theory goes that Richie was a sweet boy, that wanted to make friends and make people happy. Unfortunately, he died in a tragic accident, that set off a chain reaction leading to the death of his partents, and the failing of the family company. Since Richie had some “unfinished business” so he turned into a ghost. The transition was hard on him, since he has no memory of who he is, but retains that he is a sweet kid, that just wants to make friends and make people happy. He then meet three ghost, that name him Casper, and take him under their wing, to show him the ghosting ways. Instead of trying to scare people, Casper tries to make friends with them. Let’s see what the HBCL staff thinks.

The Chairman

This is absolute truth. I know it may sound a bit.. well– Half-Baked, but I buy it. Not only do they look exactly alike, but Casper inhabits a mansion… Concidence?


Captain Pain

With a theory like this, I would normally would just say that it is just a coincidence since both Richie Rich and Casper were both produced under the same company. Therefore there is a good chance that the same group of people worked on both comics and shows. But with this one, I have to say that the theory is true! We don’t know a lot about Casper’s life before he became a ghost, and we don’t see Richie Rich as a teen or older, so there is a good chance that he died as a child, and became Casper!

What do you guys think of this theory? Do you agree or disagree with us? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time everyone!

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