Half-Baked Conspiracy 10

Powder Huff… The Chairman, snorting a chortle..

Good morning HBCL family, how are you guys today? Thanks for coming here, and reading the latest edition of Half Baked Conspiracies. For thoes that are unaware, this is where the HBCL staff looks at a cartoon conspiracy, and try to figure out if it fits or not. Many shows have more than one theory, so it is hard to figure out which one to do first. Today, we will be doing one of the theories from The Powerpuff girls. Is the show really just three little girls that have an overactive imagination? Well let’s see what the theory is first.

The theory goes, the show is just the imagination of three little girls. Who hasn’t played super hero as a child, but if they are all just regular girls, who is everyone else? Well, the Professor, their dad is just a pharmacist that make medicine in the basement. That is why he doesn’t want the girls down there. The Mayor, well he is just the girls grandfather. I know what you are thinking, what about the villains? Ok here we go! Mojo Jojo is their pedo older brother. Fuzzy Lumpkins, is the girls hillbilly neighbor. The Gang Green Gang are just some local teens, that don’t mind playing along with the girls. And finally, Him. He is their gay uncle. The “Professor” is a religious man, and sees homosexuality as a sin, so he doesn’t like his brother, and keeps the girls away from him. This also might explain why Him is drawn as a devil like creature. Crazy theory right? Time to find out what the HBCL staff thinks.

The Chairman:

I had not heard of this before today… My, how deliciously convoluted.

I buy it. Plausible yes– but not likely the case. Only because it’s a cartoon I think, specificailly designed to empower young women, not the sordid imaginations of a broken homes younglings..

Isn’t that right, Annie..?

However, a lot of the pieces do fit– That can’t be denied. Poor HIM

Captain Pain:

I see this as very plausible. Everyone makes sense why they are who they are in the show. They are preschool kids, so I can see a few teens not being douche bags to 4 year olds. The only person that is missing from this theory is Miss Bellum. I wonder if she is grandpa’s hot young wife, or his nurse.

What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with any or all of us? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time everyone!

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