Half-Baked Conspiracy – 4

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

When Courage is fleeting…

Good morning everyone! It’s time once again for our cracked HBCL staff to take on another cartoon conspiracy theory, and see if the theory is believable or not. Today, we will look at Cartoon Network’s classic cartoon Courage The Cowardly Dog. Is everything that goes on in the show happens, just cause Courage doesn’t get out much, and is not used to strangers? Let’s take a look at the theory.

The theory pretty much kills the show! It goes that Courage is afraid of everything, simply because he is not used to the outside world, and strangers. His owners, Muriel and Eustace Bagge are pretty old, so they don’t take Courage out much, so thats why Courage thinks he lives in the middle of nowhere. Also, because of this the “monsters” that we see are just strangers coming by the house. Now that you know the theory, its time to see what the HBCL team thinks.

The Chairman:

I’ve personally never heard of this one myself… But do I buy it? Absolutely NOT!

The Farmers half blind– and the wife is half retarded… Why else would so few see the strange things that happened in nowhere?



We’ve all seen plenty of fucked up shit happpen to this guy…

So in the end– watch the show for what it is. A horror fest for a young dog in the middle of… NOWHERE! Captain Pain:

I think that this theory is really plausible. It does make sense that the world would seem small to any animal that only knows the 1,200 square foot plot of land they live on. Let’s face it, Muriel and Eustace are old, so good chance all of their friends are dead. If they had kids, they are off living their lives. This means they don’t get regular visitors. So the so called monsters we see, are most likely mail carriers, delivery people, and door to door salesmen. Naturally it makes sense for a dog to see strangers as threats. Courage is doing the right thing, he just to Cowardly to react. (Ugh, I hate myself for that!)


I believe in this theory so much. Having a rescue dog myself really opened my mind to it. We are her world and everyone and everything outside is terrifying.There’s just blatant evidence that Courage is misconstruing his memories with reality. In the intro alone Eustace puts on the infamous mask. Now even though Courage can see this happening he still screams and runs off. All of the scary creatures and people have logical backgrounds of who they are and why Eustace and Muriel were not terrified. Explains why the other characters were confused as well. Still one of my favorite cartoons to watch. I love the dark adventures and the creativity that came to Nowhere.

Do you agree with any of us? Do you disagree with all of us? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, if you have a conspiracy that you want us to tackle? Hit us up on Twitter, @TheHBCL and use the #halfbaked. Until next time everyone.

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