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Good morning everyone, its time once again for Half Baked Conspiracies! This is the article where we at the HBCL take on conspiracies from some of our favorite cartoons, and see if we think the theory is believable or not. You all know Timmy Turner from the Fairly Oddparents? What about Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom? Do you think that they are one in the same? Well, there is a theory that states that they are.

In the world of Fairly Oddparents, Da Rules state that a child looses their fairies, when they are no longer needed. This tends to happens during their teenage years, since children tend to get busy with things in their life. Knowing this, and fearing that he would still be his loser self, just older and without his fairies, he asked Cosmo and Wanda to grant a wish that would activate when the time came for them to go forever. That wish, was for Timmy to become a different person. When the time came, Timmy Turner was transformed into Danny Fenton, and all of friends and family were transformed as well. Here is what some of the HBCL staff thinks about this theory.

The Chairman: I suppose it would possible– given of course that Timmy’s final wish was to be in an…interesting life even without his Fairies.. Buuuuuut

I can’t really see many similarities to them other than a very vague physical appearance… eyes mostly. If anything at all.

Besides- we’ve already seen what Timmy looks like when he’s older.

Handsome devil..

Captain Pain: This one is a tough one, but I don’t think that this is plausible at all. I think this theory comes down to the fact that both shows were created by the same person. Its been said that Timmy and Danny look somewhat similar, and that is where I think this theory is coming from. When someone creates different shows, and characters for that matter, there is a chance that some characters in the same show, or other shows will look similar, based off the person’s drawing style. If these shows were somehow connected, I think that it would have more hints in it.

What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with us? Let us know in the comments below, and until next time everyone.

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