Half Baked Conspiracy 6

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the latest installment of Half Baked Conspiracies. For those of you that are new to this, this is where the HBCL halfbaked staff, half drunk staff, fully baked staff, fully drunk staff, or high and drunk staff look at a conspiracy theory from a favorite cartoon series, and we try to figure out if the theory is plausible or not. This one is on the Cartoon Network classic, Johnny Bravo. Is he really an adult male, or just a little kid pretending to be one? Here is the theory:

The theory behind this one is that we see Johnny always hitting on women, but we never see him actually date women. The reason behind this, according to the theory is, that Johnny is actually a little kid, acting as what the kid thinks an adult male would act. But wait you may ask, don’t the women beat up Johnny after they reject him? Wouldn’t they be in jail if they were beating up a little kid? Don’t worry, the theory covers that. The theory states that the ass kickings that we see, is just part of the kid’s overactive imagination. Since he doesn’t understand how to react to rejection, he takes it as him getting beat up (guess he gets bullied at school). Now let’s here what the HBCL staff thinks.


The Chairman:

To be perfectly honest, I buy this. It adds a bit of a surreal underbelly to the otherwise basic formula of cartoon shenanigans that Johnny Bravo is known for. Look at the way Momma Bravo babies him. Or how his best friends are a little girl and a teenage geek.It stands to reason, at least to me, that there is some truth behind this theory. Of course, it could always be possible that Johnny is just a giant man baby… Lord knows I’ve known a few. Lord knows I’ve been one before! (<.< yeah…past tense…)


Captain Pain:

I truly believe that this theory is true! There is so much in this show that suggest that Johnny is some little kid. He still lives with his mom, he best friend is some little girl, he doesn’t work, and I could probably go on and on. Hell, I’m sure other members of the HBCL already talked about most of those. I’m going to bring up something that most likely no one has mentioned. Just look at how Johnny is drawned. He is clearly a top heavy guy that skipped leg day forever. Since everyone else in the show is drawn looking normal, Johnny is either a guy that doesn’t use every piece of equipment in the gym, or he is what a kid would think a buff guy would look like, since they don’t understand that they have to work every part of the body.

What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with us? Let us know in the comments below, and until next time everyone.

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