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Good Afternoon, gamers of the HBCL Universe. Welcome to Half-Baked Gaming Theory. This is where we look at game conspiracy theories and see if they are true or not. Today we are looking into the game Final Fantasy 8, and try to figure out if Squall died at the end of disk one. Here is the theory.

Squall Lionhart is just your average emo teenager, that goes to a military type school that is training them to go on missions for the right price. In this PS1 game, everything seems to be going as just another Final Fantasy game, then you get to the end of disk one. After a boss fight with a witch, a cutscene kicks in, where the witch creates a huge icicle and throws it at Squall. It hits him in the shoulder, the top of it went through his back, and he falls off a parade float. At the start of disk two, Squall wake up in a cell, with no hole in his shoulder, and completely fine. The theory goes that Squall dies at the end of disk one, and the rest of the game is just his brain dying off. Especially since the game takes a crazy turn, afterwards like space travel, aliens, a form of time travel, and more. Let's see what the HBCL staff thinks.

The Chairman:

This one... freaks me out-- and I buy it, too... There are many a mystery, transpiring throughout the course of FFVIII that always felt .. 'off'.. to me. for instance:

How straight cut the start of the game is-- Military, mostly real life concerns such as war, etc... then Blizzaga-- and suddenly we're going to the moon..?

Anyways, I believe it-- and it's a not too far off the usual twist an FF game would toss your way. Yae? Nae? Whatever..

Captain Pain:

I am currently playing the remastered version of this game, and I have to disagree with this theory completely. Final Fantasy is known for having twist and turns in their games, so all of the crazy shit that goes on in 8 doesn't surprise me at all! I find it more disturbing, that the headmaster of the Garden that Squall is from, sent the team on that mission to kill that witch, who happens to be the Headmaster's wife! Oh, wait spoilers! Wait, the hell with spoilers, this game is 20 years old!

What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with any or all of us? Let us know in the comments below. Do you know a video game conspiracy that you want us to do? Let us know in the comments below as well! Until next time everyone!

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