Half-Baked Gamespiracies 1 - The Cover Caper

Good morning HBCL world, and welcome to something new! We have been having fun taken a look at all those crazy cartoon conspiracies, that we decided to do some theories that we know and love, in the world of video games. So let me welcome you all to our new article series, Half Baked Gaming Conspiracy. To start this series off, and since the biggest American Football game happened a few weeks ago, it seems like the perfect time to tackle(pun intended) the Madden Curse/Cover Jinx. Let's see what the theory is all about.

The John Madden football franchise seems like a regular American Football simulator game. So what kind of evil does this game hold? Back in 1988, the first Madden game was released. The cover art for that game, had Super Bowl winner head coach/ legendary football broadcaster himself, John Madden on it. Every new game that was released after, had Madden grace the cover of his game. This all changed when Madden 1999 was released. This was the first year that an NFL player graced the cover, and has been the trend ever since. This is where the curse began. From the start, a player was usually chosen, based off of his performance the past NFL season. For the 99 cover it Garrison Hearst, who suffered a broken ankle one the first play in a playoff game, and didn't return to play, until the 2001 season. Almost every player since has suffered from, lower stats, injures, never being the same caliber player they were before the cover, hell we even had a guy retire before the season started, the year he graced the cover. Even this year's cover guy Patrick Mahomes my have won the Super Bowl, but he even missed a few games, when he took a hit, had his knee pop out, and had it popped back in on the field. So do you think this is legitimate, or just some crazy coincidence? Let's see what the HBCL staff thinks!

The Chairman:

Oh you Sports-Ball folk and your superstitions... its nothing more than a coincidence! ...Or is it..?

Who knows what evil magicks lurk in the foreskins of John Maddens aged wrinkles..? Perhaps we'll never know.

Perhaps it's knowledge never meant for mortal minds...


Definitely one of my least favorite conspiracy theories. Though I do agree it is very ironic that a lot of players that have been on the cover of Madden have had some sort of despair in their careers afterwards. 

It's in our own human nature to blame something or someone else for our down falls. That's what I believe this is. A cop out for why a player performed poorly the following year, or a "prediction" to an injury. 

If a player hasn't appeared on a cover we blame the coaches, coordinators, managers, and players themselves. Makes you think if it's a superstitious curse or a series of unrelated events.

Captain Pain:

I don't think that the curse is real. I think that is more of a coincidence really. Getting the cover means that you were one of the best players in the league, the past year. So that means this year, more teams will set up game-plans around that player. Meaning depending on which side of the ball that player plays, he might be doubled covered, see more blitzes/pressures. Things like that would cause less catches, yards, getting hit more, so by default it will cause a drop in production, and getting hit more, would heighten the chance of injuries. Being the best, usually means more eyes on you, and in football more eyes on you, usually means that someone else better step up so that team can win, cause your best player maybe can't get the job done, or just got knocked out of the game due to injury.

What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with any or all of us? Let us know in the comments below. Do you know a video game conspiracy that you want us to do? Let us know in the comments below as well! Until next time everyone!

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