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Hall Of Fame Voting Joke

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

No matter what sport it is, selecting people for the Hall Of Fame is a joke. To have a bunch of people go into a room, most of the time you have no idea who they are, as if they are part of a secret society, and they get to decide who gets in and who doesn’t. It’s crap! Hell Vince McMahon has a better system for the WWE Hall Of Fame. He sees who is going to be available WrestleMania weekend, and makes sure that the people he is interested in, aren’t part of some lawsuit against him. By far the worst one is the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

So you might be asking why I think the Baseball one is the worst of them all. Its simple voting is done by baseball writers. Why is that bad? Because most of them have an agenda. These writers are perfect examples of people that never grew out of high school. They live their life as if they live in a high school TV drama. You heard the stories before. “This guy was mean to me, and didn’t give me interviews, so not I’m not going to vote for him!” “I think he used steroids/ his name was on the Mitchell Report, so I’m not voting for him!” Then they do stupid shit, like they think that a certain player should be a unanimous first ballot Hall of Famer, cause they feel that the player was not as good, as a player that was a unanimous first ballot Hall of Famer, so they become the only asshole that doesn’t vote for that person. Hell there was even a time, where voters gave their vote to the fans, but I’m not mad at them, cause at least they were trying to show how much of a joke voting is. These douchbags need to vote with their heads and not their feeling! Fuck your feelings, I wipe my ass with your feelings.


So how do we fix this mess? Its real simple. We use the same system that every drunk in the bar has used with their drunk friends for years. You put 11 people in a room. You give them the list of eligible former players. And you go through each name one by one. Is he/she a Hall Of Famer? If yes, they are in. If no they are out. If people are unsure, then they all pull out their phones, and the Google that person’s stats, and compare them to someone that played the same position that already in the Hall Of Fame. Are their numbers similar or better than the Hall of Famer’s? If so, he gets in. If they are below those numbers, they are out. How fucking simple is that?

Also, and this goes for all Hall Of Fames. Can we cut down the backlog of Hall Of Famers somehow. I know that we can’t have 18 guys on stage each given 45+ minutes speeches, but something has to be done. Its so dumb that this person can’t get in until three people that played their position get in first. Can we add an extra player or two each year? Or maybe even do a year of just a certain position? Like a year of quarterbacks or a year of catchers? Alright I’m done with this, I’m Captain Pain, and Fuck You!

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