Hallowed Be Thy Game pt. 3

Can I get an Amen?


    Be it a miracle of science or divine intervention– none can argue how truly incredible an occurance life truly is. Imagine for a moment though that it was, without doubt; the doing of divine beings.

Now imagine YOU were one of those divine beings… What sort of “god” would you be? It’s easy for some to think that they would do the right thing, given the circumstances. Histoy has shown us that power can spoil even the noblest of hearts, however. So where does that leave us?


Thats what I thought…

Black & White was an obscure little gem from the early turn of the century. Developed by now defunct Lionhead Studios, this “God Simulation” put the power quite literally in your hands.


Well at least one of them…

The story goes as such: A couple enjoys a romantic sunset while their child goes for an evening swim at the beach, but wait! Suddenly a vicious shark appears and charges toward the unsuspecting morsel– ready to pounce! His parents cease their lip-locking long enough to drop to their knees and cry out in desperation. And who should answer the call? Why none other than you~

Appearing in a flash of light from the great beyond, you descend upon the ocean in physical form. Something reminiscent of your favorite Smash Bros. villain, really. At any rate, you pluck the child from dangers maw and set him safely on the beach– met with the praise and gratitude of your humble subjects.

From here on, you go through a reiduclously tedious (But painfully necessary) tutorial. The control scheme is at best functional, and at worse, atrocious. After some getting used to, things pick up though. The scale the game provides for you is immense and for the time I suppose they did what they could.

Moving on to gameplay, the premise is fairly simple:

  1.  Gain followers via performing miracles and being generally amazing.

  2. Care for aforementioned followers and assign them duties. (IE: gathering resources, building or …procreating, we’ll say.)

  3. Train your creature. At the end of the tutorial, you get to choose between a handful of giant critters that you can teach to do good and/or harm in many ways. Eventually, they’ll grow to crush your enemies, so thats neat.

  4. Complete Quests. Doing main and side missions will not only carry you along a half-decent story, but also afford you access to neat features like miracles; spells essentially, that do a variety of things and are charged by the your peoples undying love for you. Also neat.

  5. Huck stones and/at non believers. Or generally abuse the physics to your whim.

I wont say much else lest I spoil it for you. I WILL however, whole heartedly recommend this title.

Especially if you’ve got a mean streak.

I hope you enjoyed our short walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I ALSO hope to see you return for our next installment.

Do it.

We’re adjourned~

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