Headaches, Hassles And Horse shit!

(The life of a first time video game writer!)

*So just a heads up, there may be a lot of drug and alcohol references in this, it is all done in fun, since writing this game, has been a bit stressful, and I’m doing this to blow off some steam. If things like that bother you, please come back next week for my normal post for Grab A Buddy Monday, and Anime Wednesday, or check out what the Chairman has posted. Thanks! * Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. So like I promised before, I am here to give you an update on the game I’m currently working on. Right now I am a bit high, since I’m half way through this blunt that I got from Willy Nelson, which he told me that Snoop Dogg wouldn’t touch this, so you know that this is some good shit. So here it is, the update.

So currently, I have written a few chapters. I think they they are solid, but even if I think that they are, doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be edited. I know how I wanted to start this game, and I know how I want to end it. The issue is getting from beginning to end, basically the middle. Lately I’ve been dealing with writers block. In a way I’m glad it is only affecting me with the game only, and not my other stuff I have been writing about. Basically this has cause me to drink a lot. Damn, these IPA’s and bottles of bourbon are hard to put down.

The next issue I’m having with this game is judging how long this game should be. Since none of us here have ever worked on a video game before, there is no one that I can ask for advice. This is an RPG, so yeah we really jumped into the deep end for our first game. I know that if it’s too short, the few fans that we have will riot, due to wasting their hard earned money for this short game. If it is too long, they will bitch at us, cause it will feel more like a MMORPG, and not a regular RPG. It has to be just right. So what is the right amount of time for a RPG? I’m guessing that the main game should be about 40-50 hours. What about side quests? Maybe 10-25 hours. So a full game should be 60-75 hours? Is that too much, too short, or just right? I don’t know anymore! This is stressful, I’ll be right back, I’m going to stick my head into a big mound of coke.

I’m back! And better than ever! So where was I, oh yeah right, this game that is going to take years off my life! The next thing that stresses me out about this game is, are we going to be able to pull off the vision that I have in my head graphic wise? Again, none of us have any experience working on games. So, that means are we actually going to be able to pull it off? Even if we do, my fear is that this going to be one of those Duke Nukem Forever deals where we have to keep restarting making the game to keep up with new graphics or engines. I’m hoping that things go smoothly, but I know that huge game companies tend to have issues, so I can just imagine how much shit that we will have to deal with. Damnit! My weed is gone, I’m all out of booze, and what the fuck happened to my mound of coke? Oh yeah, I snorted it all! Fuck it, I’m just going to drink this bong water, and smoke this crack rock I just found!

Wooooooo! Damn I’m fucked up! The last thing that currently keeps me up at night is how this game will be perceived by the public. I’m working very hard on this game, and I know that when it is time to start working on coding it, I know that the team will be working hard on it as well. The last thing that we want is this game to fail. I’m hoping that this game will end up on a YouTube channel like outsidexbox, and is praised for all the stuff that we put into the game. Unfortunately, our luck we will be on the Angry Video Game Nerd’s channel, and I will get to watch in horror, as I watch him drop trow, and shit all over our hard work. Ugh! Screw it, time to take off my belt, and try some heroin!

Thanks for letting me vent, and again, all the drugs and alcohol stuff is done just for fun! I’m pretty sure that if I did all of that at one, I’ll be dead. Hopefully in a few months I can give you another update on the game, and I’m hoping that it will be more positive than this one. Please don’t forget to give us some likes, share with your friends, and check out our YouTube channel, there will be more content coming soon, until next time.

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