How To Blow Something AND Someone Up

Good morning Leaguers and my loyal Painkillers, and welcome to another Grab A Buddy Monday. Today, I have something good for you, cause you won’t be grabbing just one buddy, instead you will be grabbing three. With that being said, you probably already know what system I’ll be telling you to hook up later. For now, did you ever want to be a cute, yet very destructive person? If so, well now is your chance. So let’s get the ball rolling. Grab your buddies, hook up your Nintendo 64, and it’s time to play some BomberMan 64.

Normally this is where I will tell you about the single player part of the game, but I’m not going to do that this time. It’s not that I don’t like the single player mode, it’s a great game. My issue is, you are playing a platform game, and you can’t jump or swim, so I rather just stick with the multi player mode. The one thing that I will say is that there are gold cards to collect, and they unlock different maps to play in the multi player mode.

In the multi player mode you choose which BomberMan you want to be. They are all the same sprite, just different color palettes. Once the game starts, you and your buddies try to blow each other up, until there is one left standing to win the round. First player to win three rounds, wins the game. In the game you can pick up, throw, and kick bombs at your opponents. In previous games you needed powerups you do those things, so it’s refreshing that you don’t need them to do that this time around. Speaking of powerups, you can find them, by blowing up parts of the environment on the map. Powerups are usually hearts to take more that one hit, bombs that allows you to drop more than one bomb at a time, and a flame that allows you explosions to be larger. Another cool feature is that you can pump up your bombs. This allows you to make your bomb bigger before you drop or throw it. The thing is, once your pumped up bomb hits the ground, it can not be picked up or kicked, so make sure that you are certain where you want this bomb to go.

This is a very fun game, single and multi player mode. If you can’t find a copy for the N64, or an emulator copy, there should be one up on the Nintendo store. Find yourself a copy and enjoy. Until next time Painkillers!

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