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How To Train Your Dragon…

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Remarkably, only Recoome ended up toothless…

Good afternoon my loyal Leaguelettes~

It is I– The Chairman!

Happy Monday; if such a thing truly even exists. But worry not, for I am here to remedy your work-day blues with a little Dragonball badness!

In continuing with this months theme– I shall present to you today; one of my favorite Dragonball games to hit a Sony console:

Aww yeah~

Now then, while this title has seen a couple of re-releases and regional specific ports– I’m going to be focusing ont he original 1997 Japanese release– as that was the one I had the pleasure of enjoying.

For those of you that remember– A short while ago, our very own Captain Pain discussed a few bits of hardware that allowed him to play an imported version of another Dragonball title.

Ahh yes, the Action Replay…

This novel device was required for me to enjoy the subject of todays shenanigans. Plug-and-play indeed… Messing with that spring was a giant pain in the ass. But well worth it in the end.


Final Bout ran more or less like you’d expect a 2D in 3D fighter of the era to run. I won’t pretend the game was a novel step in game design by any right– but I also can’t deny the memories I had of the experience.

After spending hours learning how to make the Action Replay work– I’d felt elated to finally see that opening cinematic. Now– the first time I’d ever played Final Bout, I had borrowed it from a friend.

It was the US version, and of course while it had it’s charms– something about the original Japanese localization really made this awesome for me.

Moving along– the game itself featured three modes.

Battle: your standard 1v1 vs the computer, or a friend. (Or mortal enemy…)

Tournament: 8 characters wage war in 1v1 rounds. Also vs computer or friend/mortal enemy.

Build-Up: Where I’d spent most of my time, personally– this mode allowed you to select a character and level them up. The more you fought, the more your BP (battle power) would increase, making you stronger.

Your individual actions and move-sets would also increase in strength the more you used them. By the end– I had mastered a single combo so hard that via spamming, that it would eviscerate anyone. Even while blocking..

Somewhat broken– completely awesome.

As far as a roster in concerned– Final Bout touted an interesting mix of characters from both the Z and GT series of Dragonball. Before any characters get unlocked– you start with access to some base characters from GT.

Kid Goku, Kid Trunks, Pan– etc.

But as the game progresses– you start getting access to fighters like Piccolo, Frieza and even Super Saiyan 4 Goku with a few sly button strokes on the title screen..

Hero of Heroes~

All in all– it was a wonderful experience for me, and I think you’d enjoy it too.

Nothing was quite as satisfying as taking my memory card to my cousins house– contained therein– the data of my trained up fighter; Super Siyan Future Trunks. My cousins chosen fighter: Super Saiyan Vegito.

The hours we’d spend knocking one another around– GLORIOUS!


Give Final Bout a try– I highly recommend it.

If you’re interested, pick yourself up a copy here at Amazon… I dare you.

Until next time, Leaguelettes–

We’re adjourned~

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