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I… Am A Galactic Citizen!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Damn you!

Greetings, Leaguelettes.

It is I, the Chairman!

For too long have we lived, bound to the ephemeral, planetary dance of our Earth. But for even longer have we dreamed of a time when those binds would be broken.

Then came the Cold War. The United States and Russia battled fervently not with weapons– but with science! The race was on.. who would break humanities chains first?

I’ll give you one guess…

So what does any of this have to do with, well… anything? Good question, good question…

In truth, you see– that dream to touch the stars, while met by a fortunate few (to a degree..) had, for the rest of us, only grown into a lust that would never be satiated.

No matter how hard we’ve tried..

And Try We Have

In an attempt to not only express our fantastical visions of space, but also to just have a taste of being there; many mediums of art and entertainment have tackled the subject.

Few however, can even touch upon the detail and scope we’ve come to expect, as video games have.

Especially in the case of games like EVE Online… BIG big…

Despite this knack for simulating scale and size fairly well, there are bits and pieces in every space game that I’ve found ultimately lacking, however.

Say one title would have an amazing flight mechanic, it would lack actual pilot functionality. Whereas another title would have rich skill progression and a bustling market, but down-right dull flying and combat…

There had never been a single title that managed to combine the best of all of these things, and include even more! Notice though, my use of past tense verbage~

In 2011, development began on a project, promised by it’s developers, to blow every space-faring fan away. And while it is now 2018, and this particular title is still in Alpha… it’s at least doing a bang up job at delivering on that promise.

At least in my eyes…

To Boldly Go

So if you haven’t guessed it by now, the game I refer to is Cloud Imperium Games’ space faring MMO sim: Star Citizen.

Chris Roberts– ahh yes.. The man behind madness. Truly someone I’d be proud to admit as more insane than even I. While many have dreamt of the wonders of space, Mr. Roberts has spent his career engineering those very dreams.

Responsible for other such rhomps through the void as the Wing Commander series, Mr. Roberts has a knack for the extreme and depthy. This rears it’s head in all forms when you look at the progress and plans for Star Citizen thus far.

And he’s got the funds to pull it off…

Through a massive success in crowd-funding efforts, Star Citizen has managed to raise over $150 million USD. In less than 5 years…


And yet, again it shows. The functionality and depth featured in every inch of your surroundings truly lends to a sense of immersion I’ve just not found anywhere else.

I’ll give you an example…

A Day In The Life

It’s X:XX AM/PM. ‘Cause time doesn’t matter.

I wake up in my bed aboard the Port Olisar space station, as it orbits quietly around the gas giant Crusader. Fully clothed, and still wearing my sealed combat armor and helmet…

Not to mention, still armed to the teeth with two battle rifles, and a pistol on my hip.

Because I’m bad AF.

Anywho, I open the door to my closet sized quarters, and begin my way down the hall to flight deck. The winding corridors of Port Olisar have become all to familiar to me now, as I’ve spent more time respawning here than I care to admit..

At the center of the station, a large kiosk where many of my fellow pilots are already ticking away at consoles, ordering up their ships.

I myself, join them– only I have to wait a couple of minutes for MY ship, as it had been blown to smitherines recently and…well you know how insurance companies are. But before long, the kiosk informs me of it’s impending delivery to pad A04.

Off I go.

I make my way up to the airlock, cycle out– and head over to the pad where my Origin Jumpworks 300i is waiting for me.

My god…it’s fucking beautiful…

Walk up underneath her, target the door hatch and watch it pop open, extending a ladder down for me to board.

Glorious…and yet…Something was amiss.

To my dismay, I had taken too long to board my vessel. And by the time I’d found my way to the cockpit, a rather spritely fellow had made himself comfortable in my chair…

Due to the hostile-free nature of the area, I was unable to draw a weapon against him, but due to my ownership of the ship– HE was unable to launch…so we found ourselves in this stalemate. Or so I thought… The crafty bastard won the day. How? you may be asking…

For the safety and prevention of loss of life– every ship is equipped with a handy-dandy ejection function. Takes the WHOLE seat, drops it outta the bottom of the ship…

And so there I was, left with a seat-less fighter craft, completely useless to me…

Thank god for that lifetime insurance policy…

Are you a fan of space sims? Ever wanted to live a life amongst the blackness? Well friends, Star Citizen might be just what you’re looking for.

Currently you can get your hands on a starter package for $35 USD, granting you access to the game and a sweet ship of your own. IF however, you want the same ship I have, you’re gonna need to get your hands on the Bounty Hunter package for $60.

Yes, even YOU can get space-jacked and left waiting for a new ship with an actual seat…

The skies the limit.

We’re adjourned~

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