It’s a Gundam!!

Wednesday is here once again, so you all know what that means right?

No, not that you weird pervs! It’s anime day, but more importantly, it’s my birthday bitches! Now, I was planning on doing this series later on down the road, but I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday, than to share one of my favorite series of all time with you guys. So strap in everyone, because we all have to make it out to outer space! This is Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

The year is After Colony 195, the United Earth Sphere Alliance have been oppressing the space colonies for many years. To counteract this, former scientist of the Organization of the Zodiacs, or OZ and some rebels created five mobile suits, made of Gundanium alloy, called Gundams, and began Operation Meteor. Operation M was a plan to send the five Gundams, along with their trained teenage pilots, down to earth, to attack OZ, and destroy the Earth Sphere Alliance.

This 49 episode series opens with Operation M, and follows the journey of the five Gundam pilots, as they try to fulfill their mission to destroy OZ, and trying to fully understand where they belong in this world. The secondary characters in the show really helps bring more depth to the main characters especially with people like Heero and Zechs. It’s a damn good show, with a lot of twist and turns, so some of you may need to keep a score card, so that way you can keep up with who is on who side.

This show aired on Cartoon Network in the early 2000’s. If you want to check it out, all 49 episodes on Hulu, which I just rewatched recently. I knew how everything was going to go, and I still enjoyed watching it. Also there is a movie, Endless Waltz, which continues the story what happens after the series. Now normally, this is the part where I give you a quote from the show, but since this is my show, here are a bunch of quotes, so enjoy.

“I’ll kill you!” “The God of Death is back from Hell!” “Those who lay eyes on a Gundam, shall not live to tell about it. Those were the orders I was given.” “Thank you Sandrock.” “I’ve have no right piolting the Nataku” “Glory to all the colonies!” “Heero, I’m right here, so come and kill me!”

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