It’s Metal Gear!

Happy Friday my little Painkillers. Are you excited for the weekend? No, why not? Nothing to do Eh? Well then, you’re lucky that it is still No Save November, because you my friend are about to sit down and enjoy a long classic game. So go warm up your NES, cause it’s time to play the original Metal Gear.

That’s right, the OG Metal Gear. You play as Foxhound rookie, Solid Snake, yep before he became the legend that we all know and love. This is the famous mission that we all heard about, but many didn’t get the chance to experience. The mission, infiltrate Outer Heaven, and destroy Metal Gear. Seems simple enough right, ha!

The gameplay is okay, but sometimes Snake feels a bit hard to control at some points. Many of the screens look the same, so it is very easy to get lost, so you definitely need to pay attention. Getting into the back of the truck, could mess you up as well, since some trucks will move to a different location. I’m so glad that the games for the PS1 and beyond fixed the door card system. I don’t know how many times I was either shot to death or crushed to death by a rolling log, because I kept switching through the key cards, since I had no idea which card worked for what door.

The rank system was a good and bad thing. How it works is, when you rescue five hostages, you go up one in rank, the max is four. Your rank affects your health and carrying capacity, so the higher your rank, the more health and ammo you have. Now here is the kicker, if you accidentally kill a hostage, you drop down in rank, which in turn, lowers your health and carrying capacity. This can fuck you in the later parts of the game, cause you might not have enough health or ammo to beat some of the bosses to continue.

This version of the game doesn’t have a normal save function, like other versions, instead it uses a password system. Depending on the password that you put in, the game will start you off at a certain location, health, gear, and rank. But let’s face it, the password system is nothing more than cheat codes. Hell there is currently a website out there where you can select your rank, items you have, and a bunch of other things, and it will generate a working password for you. I’m not going to give you the site, I think that it will be more fun for you guys to find it yourselves. Happy hunting Painkillers, and until next time.

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