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It’s Not The Bark…

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

It’s not really the bite either…

Holy shit, where have I been? I’m the only one asking so, let’s move along shall we?

GOOD morning Leaguelettes~ It is I–

The Chairman!

And as you may be well aware– Dragonball month is in full swing. While some are jingling their bells, decking their halls with bounds of holly and rocking around their Christmas trees– we’re lighting up saibamen left and right like a menorah.

Enough exposition.. on with the show!

To celebrate the month at hand, I shall first begin by speaking of one of my favorite in series of Dragonball Z movies.

I speak of course about the third theatrical release in the DBZ series– The Tree of Might! … or The Decisive Battle for the Entire Earth! or…. Super Battle in the World!

Yaknow– depending on who you are.

Or where, more precisely..

Anyways– released in July, 1990– the movie follows the story of rogue space pod crash landing on Earth. It’s contents– the evil Saiyan Turles! His goal is simple really– some might go as far as saying environmentally friendly, even!

You see– in tow with Turles; a single seed. And Earth has been chosen as it’s proverbial greenhouse.

Following the call of Johnny Appleseed– Turles has decided to grow the fabled Tree of Might with this seed– using it to sap the planets energy and consume it into the vile fruit it bears!

Is that vegan..?

Anyway– as suggested, consuming the fruit grants the …err– consumer; the very power of the planet itself! Sounds promising…

Can the Z-Fighters bust their way through to victory– or will they all perish at the might of the augmented Turles?!

Considering this is only the third movie in the series.. I wager the former–

But it’s an entertaining watch none the less. With that said, why not check it out for yourself?

Grab a blu-ray of it offa’ Amazon, here!

Until next time Leaguelettes– I expect you’ll hear a lot of me over the next few days…

And yes– that is a threat.

We’re adjourned~

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