Its No-Save November!

Good evening Leaguelettes!

It is now the first and with Halloween put to bed, the future lay before us and we here at the HBCL are taking it head on!

Every month, as you may well know; will be celebrated with its own theme for our content to focus on. This month is No-Save November, where we take a close look at beloved titles that featured no form of recording your progress!

well–    Maybe we’ll allow games that used a password system at best but beyond that NOTHING! Rogue-likes and retro classics will dominate this months spread so keep your eyes and ears ready for the fun!

Got any suggested titles for us to play or discuss? Drop us a line and we’ll take a crack at whatever you throw our way!

Until next time, Leaguelettes.

We’re adjourned~

#Announcements #NoSaveNovember

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