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Its Time to Shake…You Know The Rest

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, retro gamers, and newbies to the site. Welcome to another edition of Grab A Buddy Monday. Today I have, what I think is an underrated classic. Let’s get into it! It’s time to grab your buddy, hook up your NES, and lets play Snake Rattle N Roll.


Developed by Rare, this game was released on the NES in 1990 in North America and then on the Genesis in 1993. You play as two snakes Rattle and Roll. The goal of each level is to ring a weigh-in-bell to open the door to the next level. How do you do this? You go around the level eating what is called Nibbley Pibbleys to make your snakes heavier, so they can ring that bell.


This game is so much fun. There weren’t many games at that time that had 3D levels, nevermind 3D isometric levels. Where those other games failed, Rare pulled it off. The music in this game, feel like you opened a time capsule from the 50’s. If you enjoy retro games, and music that would fit in with the music from the era that inspired it, then you will enjoy playing this. Until next time everyone!

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