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July Release Day

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Hello, Half-Baked nation! Distilla here with your July release radar. Let’s get the ball rolling!


First up for PS4: Sea of Solitude When humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters… (Hey, are you attacking me right now?) Meet Kay, a woman who’s turned into one of these monsters and must navigate the waters of an immersed Berlin to find what it means to be human. Follow her on a journey meant to tap into feelings and emotions you wouldn’t normally bring attention to. Along the way, she’ll run into giant beasts that represent different negative emotions. It’s up to Kay to fight them off to get closer to her goal, but can she? Or will she just let the negativity consume her? Sea of Solitude is set for release July 5th, 2019.




That’s gonna wrap up your July release radar. Until next time!

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