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Kick Ass Android And Her Reluctant Partner!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Sufficiently creepy image? Check– HBCL Logo, perfect placement? Check~

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, new and old, welcome to another addition of Anime Wednesday. Today, we will dive into the first part of the series I brought to you this past Saturday, in the latest addition of Saturday Morning Cinema. Id you didn’t get to read what I wrote about on Saturday, then lucky you, you get to read it all from the beginning. So without further delay, lets get into Armitage III.

In the year 2046, the Earth had become overpopulated, and work had started to terraform Mars. With the help of type one androids it took 70 years, but the city of Saint Lowell was finally complete on Mars. Now humans and androids know as type two’s live in the city together. The new androids are better than the type ones, but still look like robots.

We meet one of our main characters, Ross Syllibus, as he flies into Mars from Chicago. He is a middle aged police officer, that just put in for a transfer to Mars, after his last partner was killed by a robot. While at the airport, he meets his new partner, Naomi Armitage. She is a young woman, that tends to dress very provocatively. While there they catch their first case, together, which revealed that their are a new kind of androids out there. They are known as type threes, and they can pass for humans. It is later revealed that Armitage herself, is one of these type threes. How does all this affect Ross? Well,you just have to find out for yourself.

The original series is four episodes long, but unfortunately it is very hard to find. I’m sure by now someone has put it up on YouTube, but you know they probably had to do something to it, to avoid copyright laws. So here is the cool thing about this. Two years after the original series came out, they edited them to make a full length movie called Armitage: Poly-Matrix. This is much easier to find, and they cut out a lot of the filler from the first episode, since that one was almost an hour long. I know that the movie was on Hulu at one point, but if its not there by the time you are reading this, hopefully it is still on Crunchyroll. Now that you checked this out, don’t forget to check out the follow-up to this, Armitage: Dual-Matrix, and check out my article about it here. Until next time everyone.

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