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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, retro gamers, and newbies to the site. Welcome to another edition of Grab A Buddy Monday. Today I am taking you back to the arcade. Why the arcade you may be asking. Simple, it was there that I first discovered this game. Well, technically a blowing alley, but lets not get into semantics here. Anyway, its time to grab your buddy, hit up the quarter/token machine, and let’s play Tekken 3.


Hitting arcades in 1997, as the title states, this was the third installment of the Tekken series made by Namco. For those not familiar with the franchise, this is a fighting game series that the main story of the franchise surrounding Heihachi Mishima, and members of his family. Gameplay was much improved in this game than the last two. Things such as side stepping, quicker recovery time, and improving escaping from tackles made an much better game.


I truly enjoyed playing this game! This like years ago when Street Fighter 2 came out, this was another arcade game where people crowded around, to either watch, or to be next on the stick. It was always fun watching a kid my age at the time, kick the ass of older kids, and even grown men in this game. Hell, there were times where I had my runs as well. I know that most of you can’t go to a classic arcade these days, but this game was released on the PS1, in 1998, on the PS2 in 2005 as part of Tekken 5’s History of arcade games, and in 2018 on the PlayStation Classic. You have plenty of ways to try this game, so find it and enjoy! That’s all for now, until next time everyone!

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