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Learn To Kill Me Or Die!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, anime fans, and newbies to the site. Welcome to another edition of Anime Wednesday. Today, I have a good one. Let’s face it school sucks! With all the History, Math, Science, and in my case Spelling that you have to do blows! Now on top of that, what if your teacher gave you a year to figure out a way to kill them, or they were going to destroy the planet? Sounds like a hell of a time, here is Assassination Classroom.


This series follows an extremely powerful monster that has destroyed about 70% of the moon, leaving it permanently in crescent shape. The monster has now threatened the Earth, saying that he will destroy everyone on the planet in a year, if they can’t kill him first. He now spends his time teaching the “misfits” children at a school in Japan. He teaches them the basic lessons that you would normally learn in school. He also teaches them the art of assassination, to help keep things fair. If one or a group of students are successful in killing the monster, the Japanese government has promised them a pot of $100 million.


This show is crazy fun. I always like the shows that has the world is in danger, and the only hope to save the day, are a bunch of kids. I guess that you couldn’t teach some adults those assassination techniques, they would definitely use them the wrong way. Anyway, if you to check this anime out for yourself, I found it on Tubi, so watch and enjoy. Until next time everyone!

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