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Marvel Breakdown: Spider-man S1 E1

"Night of The Lizard"

Good morning HBCL Universe, This is your Captain speaking. Welcome to Breakdow! There are a lot of Spider-Man series out there, but to make it clear, these articles will focus on the series that aired in the United States in 1994. So let's get into episode one. The show opens with Spider-Man swinging through the city, and saving a subway repair worker, that is repeating something about red eyes. As Peter Parker, he enters the Daily Bugle, as hears about the giant lizard sightings, and that Jameson wants pictures of it, and the first person to get him that picture, will get $1,000 bonus.

Later as he is making his way to Empire State University, Peter runs into fellow classmate Debora Whitman. He wants to show Dr. Connors a picture he took earier of a footprint, since Connors knows a lot about lizards. They hear some noises in Connors' office. When they ge inside they see a large creature. It takes something and runs off.

Spider-Man goes to the Conners' residents and ends up having a fight with The Lizard. He finds out from Mrs. Connors that The Lizard is actually her husband Dr. Connors. She explains to Spider-Man that her husban was so desperate to regain his missing arm that he tested his experiment on himself, and it turn into The Lizard. Unfortunately, Eddie Brock heard the conversation, and wants to show evidence the Connors is the Lizard. The Lizard returns and takes his wife into the sewers.

Spider-Man heads into the sewers. He stops The Lizard's plan to turn everyone into lizard people, and turns The Lizard back into Dr. Connors. Peter gives his $1,000 bonus to Aunt May, so she can catch up on her bills. The show ends with Eddie Brock being proven wrong about Dr. Connors.

That's all for now, I'll be back soon with episode two. If you want to check out the show for yourself, head over to Disney+, and look under the Marvel section. Until next time everyone!

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