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Marvel Breakdown: Spider-man S1 E2

"The Spider Slayer" Good morning. HBCL universe. Welcome to Breakdow. Let's get right into episode two of Spider-Man.

The show opens with Spider-Man being attacked by drones. They were set by Spencer Smythe, under the order of Norman Osborne. They are making Spider Slayer to destroy Spider-Man. Eddie Brock is in on it, cause he is getting the exclusive on the unmasking of Spider-Man. All behind the scenes making everything happen is The Kingpin.

At the Daily Bugle Jameson is planning out a charity benefit for the Hardy Foundation, with Felicia Hardy. Peter Parker gets pulled in to be the photographer, since Jameson said the he was his "best" photographer. The night of the benifit, Peter brings his aunt with him. Flash Thompson decides to pull a prank on Peter by dressing up as Spider-Man. Unfortunately, the Spider drones mistook him as the real Spider-Man, and sent the Spider Slayer to capture him.

The Slayer comes, wrecks Jameson home, and grabs the fake Spider-Man. The real Spider-Man shows up at Osborne facility to save Flash, and destroy the Spider Slayer. The factory is is fire, and Spencer is forced to stay inside, to stop Spider-Man if he wants that hoover chair for his son Alistair. Spider-Man beats the Slayer, and saves Flash. The wearhouse blows up, and Spencer Smythe is presumed dead. The show ends with Brock getting fired, and the Kingpin recruiting Alistair to get revenge on Spider-Man.

That's it for this episode, I'll be back soon with episode three. If you want to watch this show for yourself, head over to Disney+, and go under the Marvel section. Until next time everyone.

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