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Marvel Breakdown: Spider-Man S1 E3

"Return Of The Spider Slayer" Good morning HBCL Universe! Welcome to another Marvel Breakdown. Let's get right into episode three of Spider-Man. The show opens with a rebuild Black Widow Spider Slayer, looking and finding Spider-Man. A quick fight takes place, and Spider-Man temporarily takes out the slayer, just as a new and different slayer arrives. It is Alistair Smythe, that rebuilt his father's Slayer, and created the new one. The slayers capture Spider-Man.

Smythe calls up Jameson to inform him that he has captured Spider-Man. When Jameson gets there, it turns out to be a trap. Smythe blames him and Spider-Man for the death of his father. He arms a bomb and attaches it to Jameson and Spider-Man linking the two of them. The bomb is set to go off in one hour. They are dropped off at a location by the Slayers, and the two machines seach for the others that Smythe blames for his father's death. They are Flash Thompson, Eddie Brock, and Norman Osborne.

The original slayer finds Flash first. As it tries to capture him, Spider-Man, carring Jameson arrives. Spider-Man uses the slayer's lasers to free Jameson from the bomb. Flash and Jameson flee to warn Brock and Osborne, while Spider-Man takes down tbe slayer. The new slayer finds Brock as he is interviewing for a new job. Spider-Man arrives, saves Brock, and takes down tbe Slayer. Brock is immediately fired, since the office was destroyed.

A new and third slayer arrives at Oscorp, to get Osborne. Spider-Man arrives to stop the slayer, but to his surprise the other two slayers show up as well. He is able to get the bomb off of him, and use it on the slayers. The episode ends with Peter getting ready for a blind date that he doesn't want to go on, until he sees how good looking Mary Jane Watson is.

Thats all for now, I'll be back soon with episode four. If you want to see this show for yourself, hit up Disney+ and head for the Marvel section. Until next time everyone!

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