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Marvel Breakdown: Spider-man S1 E4

"Dr. Octopus: Armed And Dangerous" Good Morning HBCL Universe! Welcome to another Marvel Breakdown. Let's get right into episode four of Spider-Man. The episode opens up with Peter arriving at the Hardy Estate. He is taking Felicia out to a science exhibit as her physics tutor. A man with fours metal arms takes out a camera, a guard, kidnapps Felicia, and knocks out Peter. Unfortunately the FBI doesn't believe Peter story about the man with metal arms, until Felicia's mother arrives and recognizes the signature on the ransom note. She says it's Dr. Otto Octavius, and that the Hardy Foundation denied funding for his new experiment.

Peter remembers Octavius from a science camp he went to as a boy, so dawned the Spider-Man costume and goes looking. Otto tells Felicia why he kidnapped her. Jameson on his news briefing tells Dr. Octopus to call him so they can meet his demands and get Felicia back safely. In a fit of rage, Jameson insulted Otto, and now Otto tells Jameson that he need to drop off the ransom money. Jameson goes to deliver the money, and Spider-Man secretly follows. Otto, tries to take the money, without revealing where Felicia is. That's when Spider-Man steps in. Unfortunately, Doc Oct overpowers Spider-Man, and tells him that now that he has Jameson as well, that he wants double the money, and they have 24 hours to deliver.

Upset that Felicia and now Jameson are being held hostage, Felicia's mother and Robbie Robertson verblity rip into -Spider-Man. He now figured that the best way to help is as Peter Parker. Peter convinces the FBI to allow him to talk to Dr. Octopus. Peter talks to him about science, and Dr. Octopus tells him to deliver the ransom money.

Peter arrives at the location, with the money. Doc Oct shows him his invention that he is working on. When Otto refuses to let Felicia and Jameson go, he tosses Peter out of a window. Peter returns as Spider-Man, and does battle with Doc Oct. He comes up with a way to stop Dr. Octopus, and save Felicia and Jameson. The show ends with Peter and Felicia trying to plan out another date, and Doc Oct sitting in jail.

Thats all for now, I'll be back soon with episode five. If you want to watch this episode for yourself, check it out on Disney+ and look under the Marvel section. Until next time.

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