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Marvel Breakdown: X-men S1 E1

“Night of the Sentinels part 1”

Good morning all in the HBCL universe! Let’s get right into the first episode of X-Men!

The show opens up with Jubilee’s foster parents discussing that she is a mutant, and that her father registered her with the Mutant Control Agency. Jubilee overhears the conversation, as a sentinel lands in her neighborhood looking for her. She has already ran off, and is inside an arcade in the local mall.


The sentinel tracks Jubilee to the mall, and tries to capture her. Luckily Storm, Rouge, and Gambit are there doing some shopping, and start to fight the sentinel. Jubilee is able to make out to the parking lot, but the sentinel gases her. She passes out, and falls into the arms of Cyclops, which he takes out the sentinel. The X-Men then take Jubilee back to the mansion.


A pond waking up, Jubilee has no idea where she is, and is trying to find a way out. She see Beast, Morph, and many others, as she accidentally makes her way into the Danger Room, and lays out Wolverine. Storm pulls her aside, and explains everything. Jubilee leaves to go check on her foster parents, but is caught by the sentinels. Xavier sends the X-men on a mission to destroy the files at the Mutant Control Agency, but Wolverine, decides that he will look for Jubilee.


The team arrives at the Mutant Control Agency. The trail went cold looking for Jubilee, so Wolverine joins the others. Storm, Wolverine, Beast and Morph make their way inside of the building, while the rest of the team wait outside. The show ends with Storm about to open a door, not knowing that there are a bunch of guards with guns waiting for them to come in.


That’s all for this episode, I’ll be back soon with episode two. If you want to check this out for yourself, head over to Disney+ and go under the Marvel section. Until next time everyone!

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