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Marvel Breakdown: X-men S1 E2

"Night of the Sentinels part 2"

Good morning everyone in the HBCL universe. Episode one ended in a cliffhanger, so let's get right into episode two of X-Men. The episode opens where the last one left off. Storm is about to open that door, but Wolverine stops her, because he smells the oil from the guards guns. Storms simply blows the door and guards away. They make it to the computer room, and start destroying all of the files. Meanwhile, reinforcements have arrived, and Cyclops, Rouge, and Gambit are fighting them off outside.

Gyrich has Jubilee held in up in a sentinel factory in Detroit, Michigan. He is trying to get information out of her, about the mutants that helped her at the mall, and who are the X-Men. Here we also meet Trask, who is building the sentinels. He is worried that Gyrich not only brought a mutant to the factory, but that he went after the mutants before they had enough sentinels build.

After destroying the files, the X-Men try to escape, but a group of sentinels appear. Making a tough choice, Cyclops orders the team on the Blackbird, leaving Beast captured, and Morph dead. This call enrages Wolverine. After punching Cyclops, and trashing his car, Wolverine goes for a drive. Cyclops later finds Wolverine in a bar, and talks him into finding the sentinel's home base.

The plan was to talk to Jubilee's foster parents. This made the father call Gyrich, and he sent a sentinel to their house. When it arrived, Cyclops damaged it, so the sentinel left to get repaired. The X-Men followed it, to the factory in Detroit. They took out all of the sentinels, and saved Jubilee. Jubilee decides what is best for her, is to live at the mansion, with the X-Men.

That's it for episode two, I'll be back soon for episode three. If you want to watch this show, head over to Disney+ and go under the Marvel section. Until next time everyone!

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