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Marvel Breakdown: X-Men S1 E3

"Enter Magento" Good morning HBCL Universe! Welcome to the latest in the Marvel Breakdown! Let's get right into episode three of X-Men! The show opens up with Beast sitting in a prison cell reading a book, while the guards are making fun of him. They start hearing some rumbling and things explosions outside. Guards start to run out, thinking its a prison break. Magento breaks through the outside wall to Beast's cell. He has come to rescue Beast, but Beast informs Magento that he wants his day in court. Magento furiously leaves.

Watching the prison attack on the news, Professor X explains to Jubilee how him and Magento used to be friends at one point in time. The next day, it is Beast's hearing for bail. It is a zoo in the courtroom, with mutant haters there, as well as Cyclops and Wolverine, to support Beast. Thanks to the attempted prison break, bail was denied. Saberthooth shows up, causing more chaos.

Saberthooth is injured and is taken back to the mansion. Wolverine doesn't want him there, due to their past history, and Wolverine sees him as a threat to everyone in the mansion. After being reminded that everyone felt the same way about Wolverine, when he first arrived at the mansion, an alarm goes off about Magento.

Magento is attacking a military base, and have set missles to be fired. Storm, Cyclops, and Wolverine show up to try to stop him. Three missles launch, and its up to Storm to stop them. She is able to shut them down, but tires herself out. Wolverine is able to catch her from falling to her death, they all get into the BlackBird, and head home.

That's all for episode three. I'll be back soon with episode four. If you want to check this show out for yourself, you can find it on Disney+ under the Marvel section. Until next time everyone.

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