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Marvel Breakdown: X-Men S1 E4

"Deadly Reunion" Good morning HBCL Universe! Welcome back to Marvel Breakdown. Let's get into episode four of X-Men. The episode opens up with Professor X trying to probe the mind of the still injured Sabertooth. He is trying to figure out and understand why Sabertooth is in so much pain and anger. The professor reaches a blocked off area in his mind, but is unable to penetrate it.

Later Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine are in Professor X's office briefing him on what happened with their encounter with Magneto. They leave the office, and the professor tells the team that he has been working with Sabertooth, and would like Wolverine to help with his next session. This pisses Wolverine off and he leaves. The show then cuts to Magneto in his lair, planning his next attack.

Magneto attacks a chemical plant, to force Professor X out to meet him. Xavier goes there along with Cyclops, Storm, and Rouge. Magneto quickly knocks out the three X-Men, leaving him and Professor X, as he wanted it. Xavier tries to talk Magneto down, but no luck. Magneto tries to take out Xavier, but Xavier, probes Magneto's mind showing him things from his past. This makes Magneto flee. Rouge, caring Storm and Cyclops meets up with the professor, and the leave the plant, before it is completely engulfed in flames.

Meanwhile, while all this was happening, Jubilee was in charge of looking over Sabertooth. They were watching the press conference, where Senator Kelly announced that he was running for President. This set off Sabertooth, causing him to hurt himself. Jubilee released him from his shackles, to treat his wound, but it was a trick. He tells her, that this was all part of Magneto's plan, but luckily Wolverine shows up just in time. The shows end with the others returning, and Sabertooth injuring Wolverine.

That's all for now! I'll be back soon with episode five. If you want to watch this show for yourself, head over to Disney+ and go under the Marvel section. Until next time everyone!

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