Mathematical Proof that Rey is a God Sue

Dear LucasFilm: You really

dropped the ball on this one...

Ah, Rey. Never has there been a character in cinema so maligned for being an overpowered protagonist.

And for good reason too.

There have been many assaults on her power levels being that of Cell Saga Gohan in a series about Raditzes. Most of these are from the side of storytelling potential. For a really good summary of this, please see Literature Devil's video here:

But just today, I spent a few minutes watching a video by one Shadiversity, a slightly older video after Rise of Skywalker and why the Force is irreparably shattered. The video is here:

Let's begin with the proof.

"Math. Why did it have to be math?"

~ Indiana Jones, as directed by JJ Abrams, probably

My sources for my math are Wookieepedia's pages on the T-65B X-Wing and the Oubliette-class Transport; a page on physics from what appears to be a Mississippian college; and the Escape Velocity and Speed of light pages of Wikipedia. They are linked here: S1)





My sources for determining maximum power levels of relevant characters will be Star Wars Episodes 2, 5, and 9. There will also be discussions of Episodes 6 and 7.

The Jedi Order's Grand Master, Yoda, appeared to have taken mild strain lifting an X-Wing out of a swamp (Episode 5), and moderate strain in his "youth" with the falling pillar that nearly crushed Obi-Wan and Anakin (Episode 2). The latter looks to be about the length of the X-Wing, and a condensed form of the same mass, so we'll put it at the same weight as the X-Wing. We'll also assume that the X-Wing was waterlogged and that the water and extra plant mass increased its normal mass value of about 10 metric tons (according to S1) to 11 metric tons. Water's remarkably heavy and dense, after all.

An X-Wing is 13.4 meters long, times 11.76 meters wide (we'll call it 2.6 without the wings), times 2.4 meters tall, and is a sit-down single-man starfighter. So if an X-Wing weighs 10 metric tons, the fleeing transport (Episode 9) that's about 36 meters long and 5.88 meters tall (according to S2), is probably just as wide if you do count the S-Foils (the titular X-shaped wings).

That's 10,000 / (13.4 x 2.6 x 2.4) = 119.594 kilograms per cubic meter. Using the same value, that transport is 119.594 x (35.94 x 5.88 x 11.76) = 297,215,950‬ grams, or 297.2 metric tons.

According to S3, the formula we should use to determine the effective mass of a moving object is: m = m(0) / (1 - (v^2 / c^2))^1/2. So the Effective Mass (m) is equal to the resting mass (m(0)) divided by a value equal to: One, minus (the velocity (v) squared divided by the speed of light in a vacuum (c) squared), which is then taken to the power of 1/2. C is about 300,000 km, according to S4.

So a Force-User trying to stop the ship in Episode 9, while it's going at approximately 1/5 escape velocity (which is 40,270 km/h, divided by 5 is 8,054 km/h), how much kinetic force would be required? How much would you be lifting?

m(0) is 297,215.95 (in kilograms), divided by (1 - (64,866,916 / 90,000,000,000)) ^ 1/2, equals (1 - (‭7.2074351111111111111111111111111e-4‬)) = 0.9992792565 (rounded to 10 decimals), which is then ^1/2, which equals 0.9996395633 (rounded to 10 decimals again).

You then divide 297,216 by 0.9996395633 to get approximately 297,323,166 grams, or +0.1 metric tons of added mass, which hardly matters overall.

This shit, what the fuck is?

Disappoint, son, I am.

But why does this matter?

Because of the sheer difference in someone who has trained in the ways of the Force for 900 years (according to Episode 6) versus someone who "downloaded the training of someone else because of her potential," and who maybe trained for 2 years at most. No, that IS the excuse given, and yes, it IS stupid. The difference is somehow inverted.

Yoda, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order at its fall, was able to lift 11 metric tons. Rey was able to stop 297 metric tons. Even assuming you inverted the final equation above to reduce the mass, because she was pulling it back down, it wouldn't have mattered a lick, as demonstrated.

297 / 11 = exactly 27. 2 / 900 = 1/450th. For just over .2% of the training, Rey is 27 times the Jedi that Grand Master Yoda was. That is wholly unacceptable "storytelling" in any way, shape, or form, I don't care who you are.

Even in the Old Republic Storylines, where people like the dangerously-powerful Naga Sadow would, could, and did rip a pair of binary stars' cores out of their respective homes, he needed decades of mastery and training, was exhausted afterwards and needed to spend a few precious minutes performing Sith ritual sorcery. Rey isn't even winded in her little feat.

To be downgraded from bad-ass motherfucker,

to bitch-ass motherfucker, is a sad state indeed.

So yeah, Rey isn't a Force User. She's a Force Goddess. Screw the Father, the Son, and the Daughter of The Clone Wars TV series; to Hell with the Chosen One Anakin Skywalker. They ain't got nothing on the lady of "Power As The Plot Demands" Rey.

And no, she's not Rey Skywalker, fuck that noise.

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