Missing those co-op/competitive days…

Maybe it’s just me, but I do miss the good old days of gaming when you had a friend, a family member or a group of people come to your house just to play. Or maybe you wound up going to someones house and playing video games there. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the convenience of playing games online, but it will never have that same feeling of having someone else in the room with you, sharing the same television screen. So with many of my future posts, I will be focusing my rambling on games that have offered a fond memories of a same-room multiplayer experience. First game, Spy Vs Spy.

This game came out for many different consoles, but I’ll be focusing on the one that came out for the Sega master system since this is the one that I owned and played. For those that don’t know, this game was based on a very popular comic strip with the same name, inside of Mad Magazine. The game follows Heckle the white spy, and Jeckle the black spy as they battle against each other to collect items and reach the airport.

The first thing about this game is the fact it is not on a regular cartridge, it is on what was called a Sega Card.  These cards would fit into a slot on the front of the system. So if any of you have those new credit cards with the security chip in it, think of it like that.


The game is really simple and fun. It uses a round system, that affects the room layouts. The first round is a simple layout of interconnecting rooms. As the rounds go higher, the layouts get bigger and more complex.

The spies battle one another to find a bag, passport, cash, key, and confidential documents. You need all five items in your possession to access the airport to win the round. Along the way, the spies can booby trap doors, and the other searchable areas to kill the other spy, or themselves if they are not careful. The booby trap items are a bomb, spring, electric bucket, gun, and time bomb. There are also items you can find and use to protect yourself from booby traps. For example, you can use a water bucket to drop a bomb in, a pair of pliers will make the spring useless, an umbrella will prevent the electric bucket from falling on your head, and you can use scissors to cut the string on the gun so it doesn’t go off when you open the door. You also have a time limit to finish a round, and if you die, you loose 30 seconds off your timer.


Like I said earlier, this game was made on multiple consoles, and I think it was redone a few years ago for Xbox live. If you really want to have that old-school co-op gaming experience, find either a Sega master system copy, or an NES one, dust off your system, plug in your controllers, grab a friend and enjoy. Trust me, you will have a good time with this simple game.

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