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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Or something like that… The Chairman

Yaknow what really


I’ll tell you what.. Our home rest on a fabric.

A giant blue marble, snugly nestled in a cosmic rug which may very well be nigh-on infinite in size.

And shaggyness…

The heftier your marble… the deeper the divot in our carpet.

It is speculated, that there are some marbles SO hefty– that the divots they produce may very well punch a whole straight through the other ‘side’ of our carpet…

Folded, for visual effect…

Yaknow what– I’ll do you one better… it is speculated… that these marbles are sooooo hefty… that they are marbles no more– but periods.

Potentially billions of tiny ellipses scattered about on our lovely, shaggy little carpet.

So what of it? Why should any of these facts annoy… anyone, really? Well– this is not the problem.. Infact– the issue is that there is not nearly enough fact to be angry about; we’re I even inclined to express that emotion in response to knowledge..


It is the fact that we squander our resources, as a species– in futile persuits of war, chaos and greed… When lo’ friends– but just above your heads is literally… everything that matters far more than you ever can.

For insignificance scale, see above…

Nihilistic? Quite the opposite, I think.. You and I– we’re made from the same stuff, ya see.. And that stuff made our marble.

And the stuff that made our marble was cast off by one o’ them super hefty marbles I told you about earlier– in a burst of energy so potent that it rivals that of which it produced throughout it’s entire life..

Not your momma’s Galick Gun…

But please. I implore you waste your money on a war on drugs, a wall to divide us further, bloodshed for resources or religion– it’s meaningless, all of it.

None of it will be remembered as anything of significace. Faster than the blink of an eye when compared to how long even our infantecimally small marble will live on after hubris ends us all.

We will be erased, and forgotten by time. The planet will heal and carry on, possibly better off without us.

HOWEVER– this isn’t the way it has to be, goddamnit.

tldr; more money for NASA or the Planetary Society or– Jesus Christ, give Elon Musk one o’ dem black credit cards with no writing on ’em…

Rot in ignorance; to “you all know who I’m lookin’ at!”

Consilio et Animus to the rest of you…

We’re adjourned~

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