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New Year, New Stuff, New Team Member

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The following message is brought to you by Captain Pain:

Happy New Year Leaguers, Painkillers, and new fans! Welcome to 2019! I hope that this year will be better for you guys, as we are hoping that this year will be good for us. Let me start by saying thank you to all of you! We see the numbers everytime a new article comes out, our Facebook group page keeps growing, our Twitter followers are on the rise, and let’s not forget about Minds, Medium, and Tumblr. Thats all because of you guys coming to the site, but also telling your friends and family, and they join in on the fun. Because of this we were able to get the affiliate with Amazon, and we are hoping that the stuff we mention, that you guys buy via our links. So once again thank you.

So, what are we doing new in 2019? Well, if you read our one year anniversary article, you would know! But, just in case you forgot the Captain is here to fill you in. First Friday of the month is Rant Friday, and the second Friday is Half Baked Conspiracy. Those will be done by myself, The Chairman, and whoever else is laying around here. Speaking of The Chairman, his new articles will be Release Day, where he will talk about new games coming out for the month, and his already announced Go Play With Yourself. Major Savings will make a return, and for myself I will introduce a new series of articles called Deep Dive. With these articles, I will do my best to eplain why things are the way they are in animes.

So many of you know that back in November, we added a twitch streamer, DistillaPunk, to the HBCL fold. This was a way to not only grow our numbers in the company, and our and her followers, but also to provide more content for you guys. In case you haven’t checked her out yet, you can now! https://m.twitch.tv/distillapunk/profile

So in order to not only grow our numbers within the company, to grow our followers, and to provide more content, we have added a new team member. She goes by Dreamznvodka, and she will be doing book reviews for us once a month. She might be helping out with other post, but her official debut will be on Friday January 18th. Im looking forward to her first article, and I hope that all of you are looking forward to it as well. That’s it for now, and I hope that you all enjoy all of our new articles.

~End of message~

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