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Good morning Painkillers new and old, and welcome to another addition of Saturday Morning Cinema. Today’s feature will contain something that most of us always wanted to be, ninjas! Woo-hoo! Feudal Japan, secrets, lies, and ninjas, what more can you ask for. So let’s get into it. Stay in your pajamas, grab the biggest bowl in the house, pour yourself some cereal, and plop down on the couch, and watch Ninja Scrolls.

The movie opens up with the introduction of the main character Jubei Kibagami. He is a mercenary that just completed a job, that other ninjas were originally hired to do, and Jubei did it for less money. Those ninjas confront him, and Jubei quickly handles them with ease.

After the deaths of a nearby village, a ninja team is set out to investigate, unfortunately the team is completely wiped out, except for one named Kagero. She is captured by Tessai, a member of the Eight Devils, a ninja team that has supernatural powers. As Tessai begins to molest Kagero, Jubei is nearby to break it up, and he kills Tessai.

Kagero returns home to report what happens, and is told to find out more information about Tessai, and the rest of his ninja team. Jubei runs into a government spy named Dakuna. He has heard about Jubei killing one of the Eight Devils, and wants his help to kill off the other seven. When Jubei refuses, Dakuna stabs him with a poisonous shuriken, and tells him that he will get the antidote once the remaining Devils are dead.

Will Jubei kill the other devils in time to receive the antidote? Will Kagero get revenge for her fallen comrades? Does Dakuna actually have an antidote for that poison, and if so will he actually give it to Jubei? Will all three of them survive? There is only one way to find out.

This movie came out in Japan in 1993, and the English version came out in 1995. The drawing style is really good, and is what you were used to during that period of time. The story is great, and easy to follow, and Jubei character is loosely based on a legendary samurai warrior. Normally this is where I would tell you what site or streaming service you could find this at, so you guys can watch it for yourself. Unfortunately, since I have this on DVD, I honestly forgot to look for it. Sorry, if I happen to see it somewhere, I will post where I found it at in the comment section. Until next time Painkillers.

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