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Not Tricky Yet, But Still Good!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, retro gamers, and newbies to the site! Welcome to another edition of Grab A Buddy Monday.. (Tuesday..)

I know for the longest time now, people have been giving shit to EA, for what they have been doing. Hell I have been one of those people as well. Whether it has been massive amounts of lootcrates in game, micro transactions, buying and then closings some of our favorite game development companies, and giving us fake apologizes, and then doing the same shit they just apologize for, they deserve it. Today, I’m going to once again give them praise for a damn good series of games from once apond of time. It’s time now to grab your buddy, hook up your PlayStation 2, and let’s play SSX.

This game was released in 2000 for the PlayStation 2, as part of the system’s launch titles. SSX won a bunch of awards including Racing Game Of The Year, and Sports Game Of The Year. This was not a simple snowboarding game. Once you pick your characters, you and your buddy would race , preforming tricks. Doing tricks was important, because landing these tricks filled your boost meter, which would allow racers to move faster. Most of the tricks in the game, where pretty much impossible to pull off in real life, but that made the game even more fun.

As a yound black teen, you would think that I would have not even looked at this game, but how this game looked, and how it played really pulled me in. SSX is a hell of a game, and was the start of a great series of games, that unfortunately ended in 2012. My only complaint about the game was the lack of characters that you had to choose from. They gave you four characters to start with, and you had to unlock the other four characters. Now that I think about it, these days EA would have taken those other four characters and possibly two maps and just made them DLC or some bullshit like that. Anyway, if you can find a copy, and check it out for yourself. Until next time everyone! Captain Pain approves this post!!!

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