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Nothing Ado About Releases

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Please don’t act surprised

Good afternoon, Leaguelettes.

It is I– your Chairperson.



Today, I come before you not with what I was supposed to…

You see– I was to bring to you a list of upcoming new releases for the various gaming consoles and PC hardware, meant to thrill the masses.

Well guess what– I didn’t do my research. Surprised? Don’t be~

The truth of the matter is– I’d been inundated with a troubling matter that required my immediate attention. And as a reward for being good little Leaguelettes; stomaching my strife and what have you– I’ve decided to let you in on the super secret stupidity we’ve been facing.

So for those of you that are unaware– the League had been poised from day one, to be more than just the proverbial dumping ground of madness; that we so proudly display today.

The truth is, behind the scenes we’d been working toward branching out into game design. We had everything we needed to at least begin crafting something we’d be proud to share with all of you– but..

Well in short– we lost more than half the staff we had working on the project!

That especially includes our programmers.

So– what does this excuse have to do with today’s post?

Well I’m glad I asked.

I’ve been spending the better part of the last two months searching for an appropriate engine in which we can continue the work on the game we’ve planned.

The decision has been made to scale back our project so that we can still release something fun– and in the vein of what we wanted, but well within the scope that fits the skills of those who remain within our ranks.

So– what engine do a group of schmucks with little-to-no programming experience use?

We’ve been considering several candidates– from the not-so-affordable for us BuildBox engine to the significantly more affordable (and less powerful) Game Maker Studio 2.

Our end goal is to produce content that will entertain you Leaguelettes for years to come. However– a decent starting point would be lovely..

Where we go from here is anyones guess– we’re still not 100% sure on choice but.. as soon as we know– you’ll know.


Tell us what you think.

Cast your vote.

Or buy us an engine you want us to use~


Anyways– you’ll get the article you were supposed to, later this evening…

We’re adjourned~

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