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Project Horizon Dev. Log.

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

‘An exercise in conglomeration. Sweet…delicious conglomeration…’ > — The Chairman ——————————————————————————-

Good morning Leaguelettes— It is I, the e’er vacant and reclusive Chairman!

I’ve crawled out of the depths of my cavernous lair today to share with you all a few of the recent developments to come out of the ole’ Half-Baked Laboratories.

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As the title of this article may have already spoiled for you— I’ll be discussing what has come to be known as internally as **Project Horizon**.

But other than a lackluster buzz-word; what exactly IS Project Horizon..?

What IS Project Horizon?

I’m glad you asked, entirely unprovoked~

As I mentioned before— Project Horizon is the internal name given to a series of electronic gaming industry related goodies that we at the HBCL have begun delving into..

The first and foremost of these, is a 2D ‘metroidvania’-esque platform/shooter with a strong emphasis on Mecha.


However— what if I were to tell you that this is only the beginning?

What if I told you that your humble servants at the HBCL intend to development not only a title or two… but a platform in which to feature them?

That.. the entirety of our game design plans, is, in and of itself— Project Horizon.

Umm, What..?

I realize that to some of you, this vague and nondescript plan of action may appear as little more than a pipe dream on our end.

Or better yet— perhaps many of you are simply just confused at the general lack of any actual information contained within the aforementioned announcement.

God I love alliteration..


Anyways— I promise you, sordid as it may seem at the moment; as time progresses, all will become clear.

I WILL say now, however— that I truly believe many of you will get a kick out of what we’ve in store!

Until Then

So— now that you know we’re hard at work on… SOMEthing— what should you do to bide your time? How best to keep ones self entertained in anticipation of the future?!

Good question.

Not falling under the Project Horizon umbrella, are a few goodies Captain Pain has cooking up in the ole’ ass-kickin’ pot.

But again— more talk of the future.


What about the now?

Well go to scour the rest of the HBCL site here, get a read of some of our past work— or, just click the videos tab above and check out some of the things we’ve put on YouTube.

You’ll get a laugh, and pass the time until the next juicy tidbit from the lab!

Until then my little Leaguelettes—

We’re adjourned~

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