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Project Horizon Dev. Log #2

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Mist and Shadow, Cloud and Shade– all shall fade, all shall fade. A walking song, The Lord of the Rings.

Good evening, my fair Leaguelettes.

It is I– Ser Chairman of Sealand! (Uahahaha!)

I come before you this evening, with a single duty in mind; to inform. Just what has the League been up to behind those curtains? Up at all hours of the night.. strange glowing and whirring… Let’s not forget to mention the smell.

I assure you, I’ll look into that one, personally…

At any rate– last time I did one of these, I sort of just laid the foundation as to what our overall plan was going forward. The groundwork, if you will…

Today, we’re going to instead focus on where my own efforts have turned to mostly. Especially as of late–

I refer to the 2D ‘MechaVania’ on our factory floor: Metal-Messiah!

Well..there are still a few kinks…

So obviously, there is quite a lot left to do. Which is of course, understandable. Or better be, ya vultures!

Look…making games is hard.. A fine excuse for a lazy lout like myself; but in this case, I implore you believe me.

See that up there?

That’s a mech from Front Mission: Gun Hazard that I’ve been using to prototype the functions planned for our several-story-slayer of man/machine.

That non stop walking cycle you see before you, was a result of a bug in which exiting the cockpit while in motion (A or D key is being pressed). So what exactly is happening under the hood?


This, my friends– is known as Mecanim.

As some of you are aware– Metal-Messiah is being developed using the Unity Engine— Well, Mecanim is Unity’s built in method for handling animations.

It lets you use a variety of conditions, time dilations and transitions to provide a fairly seamless set of visuals on your characters… When you’re using it correctly…

It took far longer than I would like to admit– for me to realize that saying: anim.setbool(‘isRunning’ False) should be forced everytime you exit the cockpit. Thusly, ceasing our mecha from doing the running-man.

Ahh– delicious…

Speaking of movement…

Traversing a slope is far more complicated than one would initially assume…The above image was brought to you by: Trigonometry… That’s all I want to say about that– as this particular issue haunted me for weeks…

I AM pleased however, to announce and show off some of the new animations now available to our little pilot friend, here.

He walks…he runs

And he crouches!

There’s actually quite the slew of new poses/movement’s he’s capable of– but I won’t spoil anymore of that for now… But I bet you ARE wondering what happened to the scenery there… Looks a little… dark– don’t it?

Well my friends– one of the most recent and personally favorite additions of mine, to the design of Metal-Messiah has been that of dynamic lighting!

I love my little light…

So some of you may not agree with the aesthetic of dynamic, realistic lighting against a pixelated world– but I find it quite charming.

PLUS– this makes for a hell of a set of interesting visuals when glowing plasma bolts and other such energy weapons are being discharged all over the shop~

But I’ll shave some of that goodness for next time as well… I hope you’re looking forward to getting your hands on our first venture into the pee soaked fearfest that is game development.

Until next time–

….I love this light…

Consilio et animus, bitches!

We’re adjourned~

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