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Project Horizon Dev Log #3: The Next Steps

Project Running-Man: 2D

Good morning Leaguelettes– it has been some time since I last reached out to you– but I have emerged from my cavernous lair only to be scared off into the distance by my own shadow.

Sayonara Winter~

So– what twisted abominations have I been working tirelessly to wrought unto our frail material plane, you might ask?!

What’s that you say..? You didn’t ask..?

Well, I’ll be telling you anyway. You’re welcome.


A for Effort…

Our hero tirelessly tests his new abilities to strike at evil turrets. Also– we have pretty new map bits by way of a tile set. This let’s me make slightly prettier, marginally less boring levels.

It may not look too lovely here– clunky even. But hold your horses, this log ain’t done yet.

The biggest trick to adding a melee attack to the game was working out how to trigger the collision. After much trial and error, it was decided that animation event’s; a sub-system of the Anim feature of Unity, would be utilized.

Let me back-step a bit and explain what the problem was.

Dat timing..

So– the stabbiness of these images are exactly that. Images. They don’t actually do anything, obviously. So we use collider triggers that detect …well let’s just put it this way– at the very second our hero’s sword is plunged forward, an invisible box surrounds the blade. Any enemy, who’s collider is touched by the swords– takes damage.

Easy enough, right? Just had to find the right way to make it happen. Then there were a slew of new problems to tackle– created by solving the aforementioned. Of course…

As we see in the previous image– I had to tighten up which frames the sword collider would spawn and remove itself on. After a bit of tweaking, I got the timing down well enough for the death event of the turret– but something was still missing…

Now THAT’s the stuff.

Look at that. Something so simple yet satisfying.

This little flash effect is applied to the damage function of our combat code– so anything that takes damage will experience it, helpful.

Making it work was fairly simple too– as it uses a very lightly modified version of the base light affected pixel shader that comes standard with Unity.

SUPER helpful.

Now with a melee, and ranged combat framework up and running– adding different weapons should be a piece of proverbial cake. Delicious…

Communication Is Key

Another little feature I’ve been tinkering with is a messaging system. This lovely little gizmo let’s us slap itself onto any object in the game and give it some text.

Be it a helpful tutorial message, charming NPC dialogue or mysterious bit of flavor text– these handy dandy boxes will serve as the preliminary means in which I communicate with you; the players!

It also doesn’t hurt to know the controls before leaping — or…standing off into danger. Our message box can be triggered manually or automatically depending on the situation– and even allow for varying distances from the player with which the box can be/is triggered. So that’s pretty neat.

Because messages don’t lock you in place– feel free to drop a deuce during a conversation.

Platformy Pilot Program

Believe it or not– starting with a simple platforming framework is harder than it sounds.

Sure, jumping from point A to point B is in and of itself easy enough– but what happens when you wanna start gettin’ fancy?


Like so–

Now, Unity already has a built in framework for platforms called the Platform Affector— this is what allows me to jump up through a platform, but be able to stand on top of it– basically a one-way collider…

What Unity does not do natively– is platform dropping, as shown above. To solve it– I basically tell the platforms collider that when the player ducks and jumps at the same time, while on a platform– the layer they are on is no longer considered by the platforms collider. Then as soon as you drop through– *ploop* it’s solid again.

Glorious… and speaking of glory~

Glory To Be, More To Come

Now what if I told you.. that enough of PRM:2D was ready for me to perhaapppppsssss release it into an early Alpha phase?

Well– the truth is– we’re not too far off from such a reality.

Let me know in the comments, what best ways you feel there are to distribute the game

The goal here is to provide you all with a playable experience of my progress, every step of the way– it will be completely free during this phase, and what’s more– it keeps me motivated to work on it further.

Let me know what you guys think, and thank you for joining me today.

Consilio et Animus, bitches–

We’re adjourned!~

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