Proper Manners at the “D”inner Table

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Ahh scanlines and ketchup stains…Those were the days.

Welcome Leaguelettes– To part 2 of my five-part series on games that gave me the creeps as a kiddie! Today we’ll be taking a little trip to the year 1995. And what awaits us but my first experience with the silicon shit show (that closely touched my heart): the SEGA Saturn.

There was but a single title for the Saturn that managed to frighten me as much as poor sales had done to any investors. I am of course referring to now defunct studio WARP’s D.” (that is a link if you want to pick it up on Amazon)

D follows the “heroine” Laura Harris as she seeks the cause behind her fathers sudden new hobby: mass murder! Normally a well-respected doctor, Richter Harris has gone completely bat-shit and turned most of his patients into open faced sammiches.


You’d think cannibalism an odd direction for me go in and …well, you’d be right. Except no one seems to have passed the memo along to WARP. During Laura’s little trot through the blood spattered walls of her fathers place of employment, she finds herself transported to a huge medieval-style castle.

And what castle would be complete without glowing butterflies that grant our heroine flashbacks of her own sordid past? This of course involves sudden mania that drives her to kill and devour her own mother at the dining table.

I won’t spoil much more than I already have for you I suppose… but I will say that this kind of imagery wasn’t exactly well received by my poor little brain…

If you can get your hands on a Saturn, I’d recommend nabbing yourself a copy of D. It plays more like an interactive movie than an actual game but– I have to say that the story unfolds in a unique way to offer quite a few surprises at the end.

Thank you again for joining me and make sure you come by tomorrow for part three titled: Ceres Space Colony diagnosed my Anxiety Disorder!

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