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ProStars To The Rescue!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, and cartoon fans. Welcome to another edition of Underrated Cartoons. For those that don’t know, this series takes a look at some old cartoons, that I felt were good, but for some reason failed. For today’s cartoon we take a look back during that crazy time period of the 80s-early 90s of cartoons, when it seemed like everyone and their mother had a cartoon. So what kind of cartoon do you get when you take some of the biggest name in sports, give them spy gadgets based off their sports, and have them fight crime/help kids? You get ProStars!


Originally for ESPN, this cartoon aired on NBC in 1991. It took Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson, and turned them into 007. The three of them would team up and fight crime together, using unique gadgets based on what pro sport they played. So Jordan got all basketball gadgets, Gretzky got hockey gadgets, and Jackson got both football and baseball gadgets(and that’s American football for those that didn’t know).


Each show would open up the same. After the intro, usually Jackson, and Gretzky would be on screen, in different sound studios to explain what the episode was going to be about. Jordan would show up here and there, but would only say a few lines if that. Then the cartoon would kick in. At some point the players would be at HQ to receive their mission, and meet up with Mom, and her assistant Denise. Mom is their version of Q, and set them up with their gadgets. The trio would then head out, complete the mission, and end on a high note. Then it would cut back to the real sport stars, again usually just Jackson and Gretzky, so they could say their final thoughts, and the show would end.


The show was good for what it was. Fighting crime with sports equipment seems a bit out there, but it was fun to watch. The show only lasted for 13 episodes, and there are probably many reasons why it didn’t go longer. One thing was probably that all 3 men, were still playing at a high level in their respective sports, so it was most likely hard to get all of them to sit down somewhere to record those live shots. Also, Bo Jackson suffered a hip injury in 1991, that many believe ended his football career. Whatever the reason is, its still a fun show to watch. I found almost all of the episodes on YouTube, so check it out there, and let me know what you think. Until next time everyone!

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