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PSA For July

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Attention all Leaguers and Painkillers! I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about what I’m doing for the month of July. There won’t be a Saturday Morning Cinema post or any Grab A Buddy Monday posts for the month. Why you ask? Well I’m trying to do something a bit different. So for right now, I’m going to explain to what my original plan was, and what it turned into, so sit back and enjoy.

As many of you know I have been writing about co-op video games, and short anime series. As of a few months ago, I started doing anime movies as well. I am always looking to expand if I can, and am always trying to improve on my writing. One of the things that I want to do is to talk about long anime series. The issue became how to go about it. So after going about it in my head for a while, the idea of Saturday Morning Cinema was born. For those that don’t know what that is, the first Saturday of each month, I talk about an anime movie that I enjoyed, and I would want to talk about, and share with you guys, in hopes that you guys go out and watch it for yourself.

So a while back, I went back to the idea of how to go about taking about a long anime series. It dawned on me that the best way to go about it, would be to talk about any movies and video games that they have. So now it became which series to start off with. The most obvious one was DragonBall Z, but since they have so many games and movies out there, which ones do I pick. So I narrowed it down to a series that didn’t have so many movies and games. I figured that the best series to do this with would be Inuyasha.

So now the original plan to do this was to write about the movies and games within a month. The movies would take up my Saturday Morning Cinema, and Anime Wednesday post, and the games would take care of my Grab A Buddy Monday posts. I just recently rewatched all four movies, and have already started working those articles. When it came down to the games unfortunately, I went back to check them out, since I owned the ps2 games, they are fucking bad. Just awful. The online games that were on the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim website back in the day were better than these games, and the online games were free to play. So in the end I decided to scrap the games, since I didn’t want my articles to look like an AVGN script.

So July will be Inuyasha month. So starting on the 4th of July my article on the first movie will drop. So hopefully, well in the States anyway, when you are out grilling, setting off firecrackers, and before you go see your local fireworks display, read the article, and find the first movie,and check it out. Here is the schedule :

July 4th- Affections Touching Across Time

July 11th- The Castle Beyond The Looking Glass

July 18th- Swords Of An Honorable Ruler

July 25th- Fire On The Mystic Island

Hopefully this all goes well, and I hope that you all enjoy. Until next time everyone.

Captain Pain approves this post!!!

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