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Rant Friday Contest

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The time is nigh, or something…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! The Half Baked Creators League is proud to bring to you, for the first time in our history, and hopefully it won’t be the last, Rant Friday Giveaway! Let me explain how this will work. The past few months, you have seen us rant about things like video games, animes, hell even dumbass laws and tax proposals, now its time that we hear from you. So, then let me how this will go down:

1) This contest is for Facebook Group Page Members Only. So what that means, if you are not a member. Why only them? Because most of them have been with us from the start. Don’t worry though, now is the time to get on. Here is the link to the page, so now, no excuses! https://www.facebook.com/TheHBCL/

2) We want to hear you guys rant about bad video games. You know the ones that I’m talking about. The ones that have horrible controls, had graphics that look like a toddler fingerprinting, the story didn’t make any sense,and it was overall shit, and you can’t believe that you spent your hard earn cash on it. Now we are not looking for an AVGN style rant, leave that for the king.

3) Once you are done writing up your rant, you will send it to Captain Pain’s email (CaptainPain.HBCL@gmail.com) with Rant Friday Giveaway in the subject line. That way I know what it is and it doesn’t get accidentally deleted. Everything is time sensitive, hopefully when you are reading this its Friday, April 05, 2019. All entries must be submitted by April 12, 2019 at 6 AM EST. Anything that is submitted after that time, will not count. Also please include your full name, the name that you use on Facebook, your email, and the best way to contact you incase you are the winner. We have no idea if we are going to get 1 entry or 100, so it would be nice to be able to get in touch with the winner.

4) The entire HBCL staff will go through all the entries, and we will come together and pick one winner. We will announce the winner on Friday April 19, 2019. We won’t announce the winner until we contact them first. The winner will receive a code for their own copy of Final Fantasy XIV.

Sound good to you? Then get that rant started! Not your thing? Then share this with a friend or a family member that maybe interested! Either way, you better hurry, cause the clock is ticking! Good luck everyone!

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