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Reboot-This!: Brian, the Quail Headed Conjuror

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

  Cow lick or not– This kid’s got punch!

Greetings Leaguelettes,

It is I– your e’er humble overlord.


Please, please– hold your applauds for the end…

Allow me to welcome you to my charge in our foray against titles that have long since passed– but are in dire need of a reboot.

If you haven’t already guessed by the lad that adornes the heading of this artcile– Today I’ll be presenting you with Quest 64!: A magical romp through Celtland; a world of magic, mystery and an bit o’ the luck of the Irish~

Originally titled, Holy Magic Century; Quest’s story opens with the young mage-in-training: Brian; who leaves his home monastery in Merlode to search for his father.

After your usual RPG rigmarole, his quest changes in scope to the search for elemental amulets; integral in defeating the evil demon Mammon!


Yeah– This handsom bastard~

The story, however– is not what charmed me about Quest.

It released in the summer of 1998. This was two years after I’d collected all 120 stars in Mario’s first 3 dimensional adventure.

Three Dimenstrual?



It was with that experience under my belt that I’d looked at this title wide-eyed. Imagine that same open-world feel of Super Mario 64, but with more of a fantasy flare. Coincidentally– there’s plenty of fire here to be had.


As can be seen here~

Combat would take place primarily in the form of random encounters. But instead of taking you into an entirely different sequence– a barrier would simply pop up around your surroundings. A smaller one surrounds you, indicating your movement range, and moving to the outer barrier allows you to escape.

Every feature of this open world could very well serve as your burial mound…

But not without a fight!

Brian is armed to the teeth with magical potential– and through his adventures, he’ll encounter tiny elemental sprites which are used to level each of the corresponding schools of magic.

This unlocks quite a wide array of spells with a ton of varying effects and appearances.



You can just whack those baddies with a stick

Either way, the combat is fun and kind of thrilling in that you can often manually outrun incoming attacks.

Health, mana and attack power are all increased directly by utilizing them so– wanna take a better beating? Start early and let those pups nip at yer heels for a while.

It’ll pay off in the end!

The entire experience is well worth the time invested, and I’m confident that RPG fans of any generation could appreciate it.

So– I put the question to you good people. Why not revive it?

I can easily see some sort of remake or even a remaster of Quest on, say– the Nintendo Switch?

I’ll admit, at the time of release not everyone felt as good about Quest as I did. It was not recieved terribly well by the public with an average score of 5/10 from most reviewers of the time..


But the charm, damn you! The charm!

But I digress…

What say you, friends of the genre? Would you like to see Quest 64 revived from the dead? Share your opinions with us.

Perhaps you’d like to see your Chairman give you a play-by-play tour of Celtland firsthand?

Lemme’ know either way~

We’re adjourned–

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