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    Gooood evening, Leaguelettes! Welcome to the finale of my five-part series delving into the twisted titles of my gaming timeline! For my final entry, I shall moonwalk to the year 1992 and the very first time I’d ever laid eyes upon Altered Beast for the SEGA Genesis. (Or at least thats the version my cousin had rented from Mac’s video on West side ave.)

Anywho, this gem was originally launched in 1988 and was found inside the box of every new Mega Drive/Genesis purchased at the time. In the game, you play as a fallen centurion who’s once again given life by none other than Zeus! For some reason, only you can rescue his daughter Athena. I guess he’s too busy making friends with Harvey Weinstein to do it himself? At any rate– in order to be able to defeat any foes along your path, you’re granted feral, transformey powers to do the Greek lords work. Huzzah!

So, what makes this even remotely scary? I’ve noticed a theme going on this passed week with my posts, in that what I find to be ‘scary’ is mostly just an unsettling atmosphere. Altered Beast is no different in that regard. Something made me very uneasy about the environments, not to mention our progatonist literally raising from the dead. As a tot, the ancient Greek aesthetic had always had a chilling effect on me. Something I was never truly able to understand before it had faded.

Despite how I felt about it at the time, I powered through and ended up enjoying every second of my time rampaging about the Grecian countryside as a man-beast! And really, given the opportunity; who wouldnt?

Thank you guys for joining me the last few days as I went through my favorite childhood horror-esque titles. I look forward to our future here at the HBCL and can only hope that you continue to join in on the fun.

Until next time my dear Leaguelettes!

We’re adjourned~

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